LEGO Super Mario 64 set for a great time

The LEGO Super Mario Universe continues to grow, this time with a new Super Mario 64 Block that will take Nintendo’s love to even greater heights. At first glance, you see a simple block – the same block you’ve seen a million times throughout the franchise. However, upon closer inspection, you can see a whole small universe lurking within.

The latest LEGO expansion arrives just in time to commemorate Super Mario 64’s 25th anniversary. What better way to celebrate than some of the most iconic levels from the N64 experience? Open the block as shown in the video at the top of the article to see four different levels to enjoy in real life: Bob-omba Battlefield, Steep Mountain, Peach Castle, and Deadly Lava Challenge.

Create your own worlds using these different levels and add them to the ever-growing Super Mario LEGO lineup already available. But this is more than just relaxation, it is fully interactive. The new set features several iconic figures from the series, including Peach herself, and paired with other characters such as Mario and Luigin, the scene becomes interesting.

“We know how much Super Mario fans loved the LEGO Super Mario experience and wanted to incorporate even more elements of traditional gameplay while retaining the immersive Super Mario 64 gameplay,” said Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez, Senior Designer at LEGO. Group. “It’s hard to imagine a Super Mario universe without the iconic levels of a classic game full of discovery and secrets. In this amazing set, we draw on the immersive LEGO Super Mario experience to bring a little nostalgia to those who have played the Super Mario 64 video game, and to introduce these wonderful levels to a whole new audience. Super Mario Fans ”.

Interested? You can find out more about the latest set coming October 1, 2021 on the right. here

Thoughts on the latest addition to the growing LEGO Super Mario lineup? What would you like to add next? Share those thoughts in the comment section below. Waluigi would like you to do this.

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