LEGO Brawls will receive a free holiday update this December

LEGO Brawls, which launched on Switch back in September, received a less-than-favorable reception – we gave it a 4/10 in our review. But Bandai Namco is looking to turn things around for the holidays as it was announced today that the ‘Jingle Brawls’ holiday update will be available throughout December.

The update promises to add 22 new minifigures to the game (complementing the already extensive character customization options), as well as an all-new Christmas stage, Winter Wonderland, which will feature a toy grab game mode and “other holiday content.” – Specificity has always been our favorite Christmas present.

For those who don’t remember the name, LEGO Brawls is a Super Smash Bros. style fighting game in which up to eight players can knock blocks out of each other as small, customizable minifigures.

One of our biggest issues with the game (along with its poor performance on the Switch) was how little it offered us at launch, despite the high price tag. With new characters and a new stage, perhaps this holiday update will help address these issues, even though the price of the game has dropped in the months since release.

“Jingle Brawls” is scheduled to launch from December 1-31, presumably with the game returning to its starting state in the new year. If the update somehow solves our heading issues, let’s hope Bandai Namco can introduce something more permanent soon.

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