Lawn Mowing Simulator Comes To Play With New Ancient Britain DLC And String Trimmer

Lawn Mowing Simulator arrives at Game Pass today, 2nd December 2021. Now more lawn mowers than ever can enjoy the peaceful and relaxing scenery. Lawn Mowing Simulator, But that is not all! There’s also a brand new DLC – Ancient Britain and new tools – string trimmers!

With the Ancient Britain DLC, you can explore typical British ruins while peacefully mowing the area. Discover four completely new locations:

Royal stones
Here you will find a rather quirky place with two stone circles – their historical significance is still debated, but one thing is for sure: they could have been tidied up! Using the tools and new string trimmers at your disposal, your task is to get around these ancient ruins and carefully clean them up.

Thor Druid
These ancient megaliths, forgotten by the modern world, are hidden in a quiet valley. Contribute to the revitalization of this site!

Ancient bison
This charming inn, one of Britain’s oldest inns, seems like the perfect place to spend the day with a cat.

Aurochs hill
A charming place where a Bronze Age field painting is located. Perched on a steep slope with intricate carving patterns around the painting, this might be your biggest challenge. Be careful as any damage to this historic site will incur a heavy fine.


Last but not least, new string trimmers have been announced. These essential lawn maintenance tools make it easier to cut grass in tight spaces. Making sure you avoid damage fines and do your best job!

circle screenshot

We hope you enjoy this story exploration and change of scenery! We look forward to new updates for Game Pass players!

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Experience the beauty and detail of mowing the British countryside in Lawn Mowing Simulator, the only simulator that allows you to drive an authentic and extensive roster of real licensed lawn mowers from prestigious manufacturers; Toro, SCAG and STIGA, how you run your mower business. PHYSICALLY AUTHENTIC LOCKING EXPERIENCE Perform ground checks, adjust knife height and measure engine load by completing various contracts in Career Mode, Free Mode, or Challenge Mode. Expand your cut even further with multiple attachments including belt rollers, mulching kits, collectors, recycler, mulchers and more. BEAUTIFUL RURAL BRITISH VILLAGE Lawn Simulator is located in a beautiful British countryside town. Lively residential streets, vast castle grounds, quaint green cottages and large horse fields are just a few of the places that await your mowers. REAL WORLD LICENSED MANUFACTURERS OF MOWERS Toro, SCAG and STIGA front line Simulator for lawn mowers with their real machines, painstakingly recreated visually and physically. There are 12 mowers available in the main game, each with its own tasks, fixtures and improvements. ACCURATE AND CAREFUL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Build your own lawn care business from scratch. Acquire and upgrade your head office, hire employees, buy advertisements and balance ledgers as your business grows and expands.

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