KungFu Kickball Coming To Nintendo Switch This Holiday Season

Okay, what do you think when someone says kickball? Is it “kids screaming and hitting each other in the face” or maybe “what the hell”? Well friends, if football is a beautiful game, then kickball (aka soccer baseball or soccer rounds) is its slightly more domesticated, but still lovable cousin. Combine kickball with kung fu and you get …

KungFu Kickball! A combination of the best parts of martial arts (kicking) and the best parts of kickball (kicking), this is a marriage made in heaven. Or rather, nirvana.

KungFu Kickball is described by its creators as a “randomly available” game with a “high skill ceiling,” making it ideal for those of you who love games like Smash Bros. but want more Goku. Here’s some more information about the game itself:

Run headfirst into a dynamic arena that combines intense martial arts with high-speed competition. Face off against opposing squads with epic jumps, awesome interceptors and powerful kicks to throw kickball at the opposing team’s bell. Strategize offensive and defensive play to outsmart your opponents and bring them to their knees with every great ring.

Choose one of five fighters with a custom kicking style and compete in six different stages. Blast through defenders with the help of a nimble monk, backstab with a dangerous assassin, or seriously damage opponents with the powerful Monkey King. Master any angle and bounce with kicks, blocks and headshots on the ball and opposing teams.

The animation style is similar to what will make Gendy Tartakovsky cry with joy, and you can play locally or online in a 1v1 or 2v2 arena match as one of five fighters – including monks, old masters and ninjas – and even cross-platform play on all platforms!

KungFu Kickball will be released on the Nintendo Switch Store on December 2nd for $ 19.99 / £ 12.99 / € 15.99.

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