Konami Competition challenges indie developers to revive their classic intellectual property

Image: Konami

Konami is currently running a Japanese indie game competition (in collaboration with the Shueisha Game Creators Camp), inviting small team developers to create action and shooter games based on its classic intellectual property.

The winner will receive 2 million yen (about $ 18,000) and get the opportunity to commercialize their game – Konami will invest up to 30 million yen (about $ 270,000) in development funds and provide full product support. This includes supervision, manufacturing advice, localization support, promotion and equipment.

Konami has listed over 80 different games for which creators can reimagine, remake, or create sequels. Some of the names mentioned include Twinbee, Gradius and TV shows like Goemon.

Earlier this week, there were rumors that Konami was interested in bringing back old IPs like Castlevania, Metal gear solid and silent Hill… Some of these can be done with third party studios. If you could make an action or shooter game based on the classic Konami IP, what would it be? Share your own ideas in the comments.

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