Kiwi Farms is effectively dead after the Russian company shut down the forum

Fuck the kiwi farms

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Only 24 hours after being forced to flee to Russian serversnow it looks like the Kiwi Farms hate forum, which has made the news again for its role in harassment and life-threatening campaigns, has gone through its final days as a functional website.

After Cloudflare and hCaptcha stopped supporting the site yesterdayRussian company DDoS-Guard has now done the same, forcing Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Moon to release a lengthy statement riddled with conspiracy theories and also admit to the fact that this is the end of the site as he knows it.

“This meme about Russia being a free country is a joke,” Moon writes on Telegram, apparently only realizing it. currentlybefore shifting the blame for the death of Kiwi Farm to all but its toxic, criminal and reprehensible community:

This is an organized attack. There is a coalition of criminals trying to frame the forum for their behavior. These criminals provide an opportunity for professional victims to spread their message. Journalists canonize crimes as the behavior of the forum itself, which becomes an effective truth for the general public.

This is a machine that has been set up before against 8chan and is activated every time the cathedral wants to test new fronts of its censorship. This is a mass association of various interests. I am one person. The real problem is not even the financial constraints – the problem is that I am powerless alone. I can’t throw away so much money to convince people to be brave and free. It’s just the reality of our country.

And what this machine does not accept is compromise. If I censored certain behaviors, it wouldn’t matter. They don’t want any particular thing to be censored. They want the average person to be able to speak in channels where only specific thoughts are acceptable.

More importantly, they want to make sure that no small organization can hold a service that threatens the cathedral. It used to be that one guy with a good idea could open a platform and become Tom Anderson, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Fulp, Christopher Poole or Richard Kianka. Note that all of these names are over 10 years old. There are no more new discoverers on the web because groundbreaking is not allowed in the corporate parking lot of the new Internet.

I don’t see a situation where Kiwi Farms would just be allowed to operate. It will either become a broken shell, like 8chan, or it will jump between hosts and domain names, like the Daily Stormer.

Okay, buddy. What is poignant here is that he mentions 8chan and the Daily Stormer, two other former bastions of internet hate that, after similar deplatforming moves, are now empty shells of themselves, fragmented and hard to reach. Because this is the fate that surely now awaits Kiwi Farms, something streamer and political commentator Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti—herself became the latest target of violent threats from Kiwi Farms.states in his application:

Campaign ended. We won.

After announcing that Cloudflare was dropping Kiwi Farms as a client, the site went live again with a Russian domain and switched to DDoS-Guard. Less than 24 hours later, the Russian company DDoS-Guard, which specializes in protection against DDoS attacks, also abandoned Kiwi Farms. Their Russian domain is now disabled and Joshua Moon stated: “I don’t see a situation where Kiwi Farms is just allowed to operate. It will either become a broken shell like 8chan or bounce between hosts and domains like the Daily Stormer.”

Many sites that have faced deplatform enforcement campaigns, such as 8chan and the Daily Stormer, are still online. However, they are completely powerless. Whether or not we are able to completely remove Kiwi Farms from the internet is irrelevant to the fact that our campaign goals have not only been met, but achieved more than we could ever expect.

All the major corporations that provided services to keep Kiwi Farms online decided that Kiwi Farms was a big risk. Cloudflare’s CEO said that Kiwi Farms poses an “imminent and extreme threat to human life,” while a former FBI assistant director said that Kiwi Farms carries a “threat of internal terror.” Over the past week, it has become abundantly clear that this kind of hatred is not tolerable, and millions of people have come together to celebrate their defeat.

FiberHub, which hosts Kiwi Farms’ servers, has not made any announcements. Joshua Moon believes that FiberHub will also drop them as Kiwi Farms is now considered a terrorist threat and it is not profitable for any company to provide services to them. Our team will be monitoring the remains of Kiwi Farms in the coming weeks and months. It is highly unlikely that Kiwi Farms will revive with enough resources to maintain the online presence they once had. As a result, this is the final announcement of the Drop Kiwi Farms campaign until further notice.

What we have done in such a short time has never been done before in the history of the Internet. The countless victims of Kiwi Farms can rest easy knowing that the site is doomed, will never regain its former momentum, will continue to lose subscribers and become more and more irrelevant every week. We’ve done our best to honor the likes of Julie Terryberry, Chloe Sagal and David Kirk Ginder (Nearby). Thank you all for helping me and every other person affected by Kiwi Farms to get justice. Today the world is a better place.

Huge congratulations to the #DropKiwiFarms team and everyone else who has worked so hard – and endured so much – over the years to get to this point today.

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