Kepler Interactive, Development Team, Hires Former Nintendo Indie Supremo Damon Baker

Nintendo’s efforts to promote indie – or “black women,” as they were at one point, have been visible for a number of years, definitely starting with the 3DS and Wii U era in terms of added effort and focus. In the early days of the online indie show, the nominee was also the host, and one of those familiar faces was Damon Baker.

He was Head of Partner Management at Nintendo after a decade with the company before becoming Head of Portfolio at Xbox in early 2019.

After leaving Xbox, he is now confirmed as VP of Partnerships and Portfolio at Kepler Interactive, and after looking at the company, he seems like an interesting organization. It only officially launched this September (although it was founded in 2020) with a trailer above saying it was a launch with $ 120 million in first round funding; there are obviously some powerful investors who are confident in their efforts.

It bills itself as a “collective,” in which the founding studios and other contributors who will join in the future have joint ownership, including a stake in financial success and a voice in its direction.

Announced in September 2021, Kepler Interactive launched with $ 120 million in its first round and includes 7 founding studios with highly anticipated titles such as Sifu, Tchia, Scorn, Tankhead and a number of other unannounced projects in development. Kepler offers a unique model in which game studio founders become co-owners, giving them the ability to make key strategic decisions, including adding new members to the team, while receiving direct rewards for the group’s financial success.

This is slightly different from the traditional approach to publishing and developing games. Among the studios participating in the project are some that have made notable games for fans of online stores over the past couple of years – previous games from the team’s developers include Ashen and Red Lantern

Let’s see how the company and its diverse development teams are doing; it definitely looks like an organization worth watching.

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