Just Dance 2022 (Switch) Review

Ubisoft’s Just Dance is back again to give us our yearly dose of disco boogie action, and there are absolutely no surprises in Just Dance 2022 if you’ve ever played a tape from this series before. You can get some pretty solid dance fun with it, but it’s also eminently familiar stuff that takes every opportunity to shove further purchases in your face. That this is good, there is no doubt about it, but all of this is somewhat frustrating as it constantly bombards you with tracks that you will need a Just Dance Unlimited subscription to access.

But let’s not start with the extremely negative here. Just Dance 2022 is an A colorful and enjoyable experience that includes 40 great tracks, some solid online action, a pretty neat mode for kids, a sweat-burning mode, and tons of unlockable bits and beans to get when you rush around your living room and try to match the movements displayed on the screen. All you need is one Joy-Con (or a smartphone with the official app) and a sensible sense of timing, and you’re ready for good times.

There’s also a decent selection of music styles on 40 tracks included with the base game. You’ve got Dua Lipa’s Levitating, Imagine Dragons’ Believer and our personal favorite, the totally pointless Chacarron El Chombo, to whirl around your living room as your kids and partner leave the building in utter and utter disgust.

Motion tracking works well here, and our movements and attempts to keep up with the action on the screen are always accurately recorded – even when four out-of-shape adults tumble around a small area in a sweaty mess. Ubisoft applied a formula here, no doubt about it, but if you’re not willing to spend the money on an unlimited subscription, it all quickly turns into a rather annoying experience with a menu chock full of songs you can’t actually access. It seems like you just bought an ad for the game, not the game itself.

Honestly, the unlimited subscription isn’t particularly expensive: £ 19.99 (or $ 29.99) per year gives you access to a catalog of 700 tracks to dance to – and you do get a month free trial when you buy. games – it just shoves you so mercilessly in the face, and if you don’t subscribe, you’re left with a headline that spends more time showing you what you don’t have than what allows you to enjoy what is actually included. Just trying to browse the forty tracks on offer here can be a major headache as the menu constantly tries to nudge you towards the online store to select Unlimited. It’s not the best view, and it gets frustrating very quickly when your kids are faced with a bunch of songs they want to dance to but can’t, unless you shell out some more money.

We understand that licensing music is expensive and daunting, but Just Dance 2022 ends up feeling pretty gaudy due to the constant buildup of additional features. If you can ignore this aspect of the procedure, you will definitely have a few hours of enjoyment out of what is included here. Kids Mode was a hit at this writer’s home, and the online competitive mode is sure to shake you up if you decide to tackle it entirely.

It all looks, plays and sounds good too. It’s a great package, but it doesn’t really improve or develop the formula in any meaningful way, and left us rather cold with his relentless insistence on directing us to the Switch eShop to spend more money.


Just Dance 2022 is fine. It’s the same with some cool new tracks, a smooth and fluid experience that’s generally safe and works just fine. However, he also constantly promotes his subscription service and ends up feeling a little confusing and sticky as he spends more time spanking tracks that don’t belong to you instead of letting you enjoy the ones included in the base game. … Fans of the show – or anyone who’s just danced to at least one track from the show – will know exactly what they’re getting here, but newbies should be aware that they’ll need to shell out more money after buying the game to enjoy the full experience.

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