Join the party for the next Sea of ​​Thieves Community Day on February 11th!


  • Sea of ​​Thieves Season 8 Community Day will take place from February 11 to 12 (10:00 GMT).
  • All players can help level up the Community Emissary by unlocking in-game Gold, Reputation, and Seasonal Renown bonuses.
  • Additional rewards include sales, Twitch Drops, community feedback, and a holiday broadcast from the Rare Tavern on site.

Season 8 Community Day is just around the corner! Hit the Road on Saturday, February 11th to Celebrate the Phenomenal Sea of ​​Thieves community and share the wonderful offer of treasures. Traditional boosted rewards, freebies and Twitch Drops await you, as well as a range of discounts, and as always, we look forward to enjoying some amazing creativity and holiday activities from our amazing players.

For starters, the community emissary rank is back! To increase this cumulative score and unlock in-game boosts, all players need to do is tweet #SeaOfThievesCommunityDay during the event and watch the rewards roll up. In the fifth grade, everyone gets 2.5 times the usual amount of gold and reputation – and this time also seasonal fame – for turning in loot! In addition, there is a fixed faction loyalty boost throughout the day if you want to test your ship’s combat skills in the battle for Sea of ​​Thieves…

Even just logging in will bring its own rewards, namely the wonderfully soothing pink and purple Season 8 Community Day flag and a scorecard emote that lets you vote on your team’s accomplishments or anything else you see fit – both items. free for players. who set sail on Community Day.

Life in the flow

In addition to the in-game excitement offered, fans have the opportunity to watch any participating Sea of ​​Thieves streamer throughout the day to earn Twitch Drops, unlock Skysteed Sails and Black Flintlock after an hour each. Anyone can offer Drops this time, just make sure Drops is enabled in your Twitch account settings and Sea of ​​Thieves chosen as the game you’re streaming that day! Or if you’re just browsing, make sure your Sea of ​​Thieves and Twitch accounts are linked before you can watch your favorite pirated content creators.

Beyond the in-game excitement on offer, streaming viewers won’t be left out. Tune in to any member Sea of ​​Thieves a streamer will unlock Sails of the Skysteed and Black Flintlock for a couple of hours during the day via Twitch Drops. Just make sure your Sea of ​​Thieves and Twitch accounts are linked and allow you to watch your favorite pirated content creators.

If you don’t know who to watch, you can always join us at the Tavern! Some familiar faces from the Rare team will be streaming from 10:00 GMT, tackling Community Day challenges and generally enjoying the chaos. Not only will this count towards unlocking Twitch Drops, but you can catch some special surprises while streaming…

Looking for a part

While we’re getting your attention, Community Day seems like the perfect time to kick off the Style of Thieves competition this season! We will announce the list of topics and shipping dates on February 11th, and not only is it an excuse to dress up, but the trendiest styles will also be entered into the Fashionista’s Finery Gloves raffle.

To help you achieve your perfect look, the owners of Pirate Emporium Stores are hosting a delightful discount sale with a romantic twist from February 11th to 15th. Fan favorites such as Reaper’s Heart pets and weapons are included, along with a range of matching emotes.

If you are more interested in expanding your actual wardrobe, Sea of ​​Thieves ranges at the Rare Goods Store will offer a 30% discount with code COMMUNITYDAY at checkout. This only lasts for one day – as well as the Season 8 Community Day Commemorative Tee and Flag, which are also available for purchase during the event, so hurry up!

There’s a lot of work on the Season 8 Community Day schedule and we’re looking forward to what you players have in store to dazzle us in return, so mark your diaries for February 11th and we’ll see you on the seas. …

To learn more

For more information about Sea of ​​Thievesincluding complete release notes for the latest updates, visit Sea of ​​Thieves Web site. Updates are free for everyone Sea of ​​Thieves players who purchased the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 PC, or through Steam, or players who access it through Xbox Game Pass. Just download and install the latest Sea of ​​Thieves update to get access.

New in Sea of ​​Thieves? Check out the latest free content updates on our What’s new page, see Who is who or get some game tips from our Pirate Academy, which provides invaluable information on topics ranging from sailing to fencing as you prepare for your first trip. Learn more about Sea of ​​Thieves hereor join the ongoing adventure on where you can embark on an epic journey with one of the most welcoming gaming communities!

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Playing on Xbox One requires Xbox Live Gold; sold separately. ========= About the Game Sea of ​​Thieves offers the ultimate pirate experience, from sailing and combat to exploration and looting, everything you need to live the life of a pirate and become a true legend. With no set roles, you have complete freedom of action in the world and other players of your choice. Whether you’re traveling in a group or alone, you’re sure to meet other teams on this cooperative world adventure – but will they be friends or foes, and how will you react? Huge open world Explore a huge open world full of pristine islands, sunken ships and mysterious artifacts. Complete quests to find lost treasures, track down cursed skeleton captains, or collect valuable cargo for trading companies. Go hunting and fishing or choose from hundreds of optional objectives and side quests. Unforgettable stories Play Tall Tales for a unique take on the Sea of ​​Thieves story campaign. Featuring 11 stories to play through two epic storylines, these thrilling and cinematic quests provide around 30 hours of unrivaled pirate fantasy. Become a Legend On your journey to becoming a Pirate Legend, you’ll collect loot, build reputation, and define your unique personal style with hard-earned rewards. Adventurer. Researcher. Conqueror. What will be your legend? A Game That Always Grows With five major expansions and almost a year of monthly updates, Sea of ​​Thieves is a service game that is constantly growing and evolving. Check back every month to see what new content has been added.

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