Jeremy’s 10 Best Games of 2021

Image from Dodgeball Academia showing several bouncers throwing balls, three of them standing on a dodgeball court.

2021 was the year, right? The pandemic continues to cause unnecessary disruption despite the widespread availability of vaccines. V shortage of semiconductors slapping the economy in the ass. Blacks and queer people are still dying. It was hard to play games this year, especially when Just a few weeks ago, I didn’t have a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S.… However, I managed to get distracted by more games than I actually thought. And although I did not defeat everyone here, in some I found consolation, in most – frivolity, and in all – pleasure. Here are my best games of 2021.


Image from Deahtloop, in which the protagonist Colt uses two automatic submachine guns to shoot two guards.

Arkane Studios is a master of immersive first-person simulators, and Deathloop is evidence of this. A fascinating psychological tale of choice, time, and the consequences, Deathloop based on superiority Dishonored and turns the volume up to 11. It’s brutal, fast, but also enjoyable, especially when you unlock various abilities and weapons. Besides, there are two here – not one, two! – black playable characters. Consider me sold out.

Death door

An image from the Doors of Death depicting the Raven standing in a black and white cathedral.

Souls of the Titans, developer Acid Nerve’s first project, was a cool little boss race that seemed a little incomplete to me when it came out in 2015. But I was intrigued by what the studio was doing and Death door the next logical step. An isometric dungeon where you control a soul-collecting crow Death door is one of those games that masterfully combine feelings and mood. He understands and fulfills his goal without interruption. It also has boss fight this illustrates its elegant playful design. No wonder Death door appears on most Kotakuyear-end listings.

Bouncer academy

Screenshot from Dodgeball Academia in which the protagonist Otto fires a wave of kamehameha.

Shounen Anime Through and Through, Pocket Trap’s Bouncer academy this is probably the most interesting thing I’ve gotten from a video game for the whole year. It’s an absurd adorable little RPG about Otto, a student who drops out of his shitty school against the wishes of his parents and enters Dodgeball Academia, a sort of university for aspiring bouncers. What you get is a sports-oriented bouncer replete with various energy balls (like electricity and homing), special moves and side missions to complete. All of this gives way to a story about identity, finding your true self and trusting your friends. Very Naruto or One piece shit to be honest and I love it!

Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier

Image from Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in which three soldiers prepare to jump out of a helicopter.

Wasn’t going to lie, I didn’t expect to like Ateam’s Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier as much as me, and this is primarily due to the platform on which it is located. That is, this is a mobile game! The main input method is touchscreen. While you cannot achieve super-precision in this battle royale shooter because of this, First soldier is still a good way to kill time, especially if you missed Fortnite on iOS. And because it is last fantasy In the game, you can rely on common equipment – summoning, Gil, cloth, costumes to dress up your soldier in the iconic characters of the series, and various play styles, from a warrior with a sword to a ninja using shuriken. There are even chocobos that you can customize, so what’s not to like about it?

Pokémon Unite

An image from Pokémon Unite in which Pikachu is about to kick the ball into the enemy gate to score some points.

I’m a huge MOBA fan as I spent a good three or four years playing Titan Forge Games. Smite when it launched in 2015. TiMi Studio Group’s Arena of Valor was also in my MOBA rotation before being a developer Pokémon Unite… This is now my main MOBA game thanks to both the IP and availability… But more than that Pokémon Unite It helped me find joy in MOBA again. I can be very competitive. I am get upset when i lose because others do not pull their weight, but Pokémon UniteDiverse characters and fun events push me to look beyond the competition, enjoy the aesthetics and gameplay without focusing solely on the account… This is a good respite from the high intensity MOBAs that cause Pokémon Unite can get quite intense.

Scarlet Nexus

An image from Scarlett Nexus in which Yuito Sumeragi uses telekinesis to throw what looks like a hefty bus at an enemy.

It is mainly an anime, video game. Developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Tose. Scarlet Nexus piqued my interest when it was introduced in May 2020 and amazed me when I finished it sometime after its release on June 25th. This is a great RPG with two protagonists whose narratives are closely linked, asking you to play the game twice to see the story from both sides. It’s an evocative, emotional, and exhilarating journey with tight control and even tougher possibilities. It’s fun, but what I love the most is the moments between the playable characters Kasane Randall and Yuito Sumeragi, when they begin to understand their connection to each other and the events that unfold over 25 hours of play. Scarlet Nexus shiny, and although it looks like Fairy tales the game is more than that.

Skate City

An image from Skate City showing a skateboarder making a hard flip up a staircase.

None of my list would be complete without skateboarding. Although it has been available through Apple Arcade since 2019, Agens Games and Room8 Studio’s Skate City chuckled without much fanfare this year on consoles and PCs. This is understandable because it is rather low-key. But everyone is missing out on what constitutes EA’s lofty version. SkateSkate CityLike Skate, it invites you to use joysticks to combine tricks, grind and rotate together to complete tasks while gaining points. Low poly aesthetics combined with chill-hop music create a cohesive atmosphere. And this is the perfect game to fill the time. Honestly, I can’t tear myself away.

Skool: Hero Slayer

Image from Skul: The Hero Slayer showing protagonist Skul with his head thrown back, sitting in the grass to his left.

Neowiz Games’ Skool: Hero Slayer is a cute roguelite platformer. But honestly, don’t let your attractiveness fool you: this is a cool game! You play as Skul of the same name, a little skeletal warrior who can change his head to another, which then transforms his entire body and endows him with various abilities. There are grim reaper, mage, ninja, werewolf and many more to figure it out by playing and shouting Skool: Hero Slayer always presents another opportunity to discover a new style of play. This is the best part: no two tracks are alike, and even if there are similarities between them, whether they are familiar paths or enemies in familiar places, you can switch it by simply swapping heads.

Tales of the uprising

An image from Tales of Arise in which Alfen talks to Shion.

As well as Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco Studios’ Tales of the uprising also an anime video game. Those familiar with Fairy tales the formula knows what to expect from this RPG, but everything has been tested before 11. The visuals are amazing. The real-time gameplay is pretty darn tough. V characters adorable and deep. But what really amazes me is the plot of the game, which is an interweaving of class and liberation narratives. It packs so much meat on its bones, which, while some may feel a little dry, most Tales of the uprising the offers are both tempting and delightful. I’m still just getting started, but I’m glad to see more of what Alfen and his eclectic band members get into.


Image from Unboxing, depicting a room full of things including a sewing machine, a sofa, some sort of Sailor Moon-style outfit, and more.

Who knew that a game that has absolutely NO DIALOGUE could be so heartbreaking, and yet, Witch Beam Unpacking it’s just like that. A story-driven puzzle game that follows an unnamed protagonist as he goes through different stages of life – early adolescence, college life, first relationships and their aftermath, etc.Unpacking talks so much about love and breakup without saying a word. It’s a wonderful experience supported by a great environment, sound, and visual design. It also reminds us how much can guys suckespecially when they leave no room for you. It may be short, but Unpacking will stay with you for a long time after that.

With that, I say goodbye to 2021 and all its bullshit. Most of this, like the pandemic and the shortage of semiconductors, will accompany us for a while, and that sucks. Likewise, many of these games will fall into my endless retirement as 2022 game roster looks powerfully folded. That said, it has been a great year for gaming and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us next year.

Thanks for the dope first year honey Kotaku readers. See you in 2022!

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