Japanese Internet Reacts to Square Enix’s Crypto Plans

January 1, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda (pictured) decided to call New year with the company’s plans for things like blockchain and NFT.

You may have read what people on the English-speaking internet think about Square Enix’s announcement, but let’s now see what people in Japanese-speaking affiliates are. thought.

Below are the comments from message boards, for example 2 channels and 5 channels, Twitter, and popular Japanese gaming sites such as Hachima Kiko

“This is Square Enix’s completion announcement.”

“Blockchain games are damn slow.”

“Let me put it as simply as possible: make fun games. That’s all.”

“They [Square Enix] used to be a great game developer. “

“Whoa, this is so suspicious …”

“Is it really official? This is a New Year’s greetings from the president. [of Square Enix]?

“I am delighted that the number of exciting games on the blockchain will increase!”

“This is disgusting. NFT is a useless commodity for the game of money.”

“Simply put, they have no plans to make interesting games.”

“I have no idea what this all means.”

“This company has no future.”

“They got lost.”

“Looks like it’s for shareholders.”

“Don’t get lost in blockchain and NFT, and don’t forget the precedent set by Second Life… “

“It seems people in America really hate NFT.”

“Play to earn! We come to where you can play in the metaverse. I’m looking forward to!”

“The curtain of a new era of open world gaming is rising.”

“This is Square Enix, after all, so they’ll screw it up.”

“So they no longer have the ability to create games, so they will force players to sell things to each other and then live off the commissions?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Blockchain really seems like a scam. There is a smell of dubious consultants here. “

“Square Enix is ​​already late to this trend, so they’re going to screw up.”

“That means they don’t have new ideas.”

“What is the essence of NFT and the metaverse …”

“I understand. No, I do not know “.

“They become an investment company.”

“A single statement testifies to a complete lack of intelligence.”

“It feels like they’re wasting money again.”

“They seem to be followers. This company cannot create anything new from scratch. “

“It’s an interesting business model.”

“I predict total failure. I was reminded of the time when the Square Enix movie was blown up and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. “

“It looks like last fantasy will be released in the metaverse.

“The Square and Enix merger was a mistake.”

“But what does all this mean for paying taxes?”

“It’s crazy that Square Enix has become a company that makes public announcements like this.”

“There is no point in starting this now.”

“Where is the second part FFVII redo? When [FF]Xvi exit?”

“Too small, too late.”

“I can only predict that this will turn out to be a mistake.”

“Amazing. I’ve read it all and none of it stuck in my head.”

“So, ultimately with blockchain, in-game items will definitely have value? And how is this different from trading real money in an MMO …? “

“The future of Square Enix is ​​bleak.”

“It’s because they cannot last fantasy forever.”

“There are many words, but I don’t understand any of this.”

“It’s great to have a system where everyone can make money with their creativity.”

“It doesn’t look like Square Enix is ​​looking at the players.”

“Damn it, is this guy talking? I don’t understand it at all. ”

“Besides Dragon questthe games of this company are boring. “

“There are only a few people who can create.”

“What is the difference between playing on blockchain and playing online?”

“Even as a joke, it’s not funny.”

“I’ll be playing on my Switch.”

“In any case, this company can only produce last fantasy and Dragon quest… “

“I really can’t believe that someone so incompetent is the president. [of Square Enix]… “

“The hype around the metaverse and the NFT has already died down.”

“I wonder if this will be mixed with Dragon quest and last fantasy… “

“Will they put price tags on useless things again? It seems silly. “

“I want these drugs to stop using cyborg jargon and create fun games.”

“Well, this year is going to be bad too.”

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