Japan launches desktop handheld massager for gamers

The hand-held massager is placed next to the keyboard on the desktop.

Bauhutte does whatever it wants.
Image: Bauhütte

Bauhutte, people behind play bed and play mattress, returned with another interesting product: Manual massager for gamers.

Dubbed the Hand Massager (smart!), This tabletop device is specially designed to soothe the hands of gamers. The handheld massager is equipped with 15 air cushions that alternately relieve fatigue from the palm and each finger.

Bauhütte previously launched chiropractor service for gamersand many of their products seem to be designed to help gamers relax – which really makes sense!

The hand massager has three different modes allowing people to choose how hard (or soft) they want to massage their hands. There are two course settings, one for the entire hand and the other for fingers only.

There’s even an extra heater inside the hand massager, which Bauhutte recommends using to warm your hand before playing. The company also suggests using a massager during breaks during play to improve circulation, and adds that when players finish playing, a hand-held massager can be part of a cooling routine.

It’s important to take care of your hands. ESports health places and Red Bull recommend arm stretching to avoid injury. But is a tabletop massager really needed?

Like many things from Bauchütte, this can seem a little frivolous. For years, people have played without hand-held massagers, but perhaps to their detriment. Part of me also thinks that a tabletop hand massager is a great idea for those who are not only playing, but also those who use the computer for a long time.

The hand held massager is currently available in Japan for around $ 150. Bauhütte has an English-language website, so maybe over time, he will receive an international release.

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