It’s April Fool’s Day, here are the best gaming gags we’ve seen (2023)

Sonic Speed ​​Dating Announced

If a game about killing Sonic isn’t enough anymore, how about a game where you face him instead? Made by Sega Hardlight, we don’t think it’s actually…

Nintendo Adds Mario Movie Voice Actors to Mario Games Games

In this Direct by IGN alias, Nintendo announced that it would use Mario Movie voice actors in all of its Super Mario video games:

among horses

The popular “who killed whom” game among us has turned the entire space crew into horses (again). Yes, the horse update is back, but it will only last until April 2nd – so join in the fun while you can. Find out more about Innersloot Blog Page.

Night Trap Coming to Game Boy Advance, Pre-Orders Available

This is another joke, but it’s not true. The physical distributor actually went so far as to release Night Trap as a video for the Game Boy Advance, and pre-orders are now being accepted. It will set you back $49.99 or your regional equivalent.

WayForward presents the next Mighty Switch Force adventure

WayForward is another company that also had some real openings on this particular day of the year. Last time it was in Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche. Might Switch Force announced this year! Art Inspector. It’s probably better to take it as a joke now.

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