Isaac Clarke from Dead Space breaks into Fortnite

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It has been revealed that the newest character skin to be introduced in Fortnite is Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the classic sci-fi horror series. Dead space. Now we can make our dream come true in the Dead Space/Alien crossover as Isaac. and Ellen Ripley!

It’s probably one of the most normal crossovers we’ve seen in a while – think Goku, Naruto, etc., and Isaac seems completely expected for Fortnite. In addition, the long awaited Dead space The remake will release on PS5 and Xbox on January 27th, so the timing is perfect.

Isaac is now available if you buy the Strange Transmissions quest pack at fortnite storewhich will cost you the usual £9.99 / $11.99. The set includes Isaac’s costume, two back decorations, a pickaxe and quests, each of which will give you up to 1500 V-bucks.

We love that one of the back bumps is a replica of the USG Ishimura, the derelict mining ship you explore in Dead Space. And the pickaxe is also a plasma cutter.

For those who are wondering, back in 2009 there was a Dead Space game for the Wii – Dead Space: Extraction. It’s a rail shooter where you explore and navigate your way through the Aegis VII colony and Ishimura as multiple characters – all with Wii motion control support. And that’s a damn good thing – back in 2009, we said the game was excellent because it “exceeded expectations for what a game on rails could and should do.”

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