Is Fortnite’s new Impostor Mode too inspiring for us?

Epic Games has unveiled a new timed mode for Fortnite, a detective experience that’s getting a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. In many cases, the gaming community will compare this experience with “Among Us” due to the soaring popularity of the indie game over the past year. But does Fortnite’s new Imposter mode have too much in common to be a coincidence? This seems to be the case, and the people behind Among Us feel the same way.

Fortnite has participated in numerous crossovers in the past, usually as a result of collaboration between Epic Games and another company. However, InnerSloth was not included in the conversation about Fortnite Imposter mode, which incidentally is called an assassin in Among Us. When the new regime was announced, comparisons among us immediately began, but it was only as I dived deeper that I realized that this was more than just inspiration; this is truly an unofficial crossover. The problem with being unofficial is that InnerSloth, a small indie team, is in no way benefiting from Fortnite’s new mode, whereas Epic Games can get it all. At least, it was so until the team “Among Us” began to speak.

Victoria Chan is the Community Director for Among Us, and she took to Twitter to share her frustration with the new Impostor mode. “It would be really great to work here haha,” she said. in a tweet. “Just a sad indie watch.” She added, “As with game mechanics, they shouldn’t be blocked, but at least even different topics or terminology make things more interesting?”

Unity programmer among us, Gary Porter, added to the conversation a direct comparison to the map in Fortnite Imposter mode and the Skeld map in the indie game. As seen above, they have extreme similarities. “I haven’t tweeted a lot lately because I’ve worked so hard on new content for Among Us,” he shared. a thread… “So it’s weird to tweet again because of things like [Fortnite]He added: “But it’s okay. They overturned the electrical and medical compartments and hooked up security in the cafeteria. I wasn’t even around Skeld development, and I still feel hurt. ”

Marcus “Puff” Bromander, co-founder of InnerSloth, added It was said in the conversation that they did not patent the Among Us mechanic because “I don’t think it leads to a healthy gaming industry,” but that it’s not that hard to contribute if inspired by another game. “In the end, I’ll just keep making the games I want to make. Everything else is just noise. ”

This isn’t the first time Fortnite has been criticized for being too “inspired” by other content, including emotion lawsuits drawn from pop culture references. Given the name of the newest mode, Imposter, the similarities between the two maps, and the way Imposter was presented to the public, it’s hard to deny that all of this indicates that Epic Games made the critical mistake of being “inspired” by “other properties. For studios, there are enough hurdles to overcome, from funding to resource support, so when a mega giant like Epic Games takes this step, it’s difficult and detrimental for the studio and other indie teams.

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