Ion Fury Phantom Fury Sequel Announced for Nintendo Switch

At this year’s Realms Deep Show, Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms announced Phantom Furysequel to Ion Fury.

Shelley “The Bomb” Harrison returns in the new game, but now the action takes place in a full 3D world. It is described as a road movie-inspired first-person shooter and will require players to use Shelly’s bionic arm to unleash powerful abilities, solve puzzles, and explore the environment.

Of course, there will also be many powerful weapons such as armor piercing shotguns and existing weapons such as the Loverboy revolver. You will use every weapon at your disposal to take down soldiers, mutants and cyborgs as you embark on a journey to retrieve an artifact capable of unparalleled destruction.

Here is the full summary from the PR:

Years after Shelly’s fight with Jadus Heskel, an old colleague wakes her up from her coma. She wakes up with a bionic arm capable of incredible feats and a new mission: hunt down the dangerous Demon Core, an artifact capable of unprecedented destruction, before the villains get their hands on it.

Embark on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure across the US to take on fearsome soldiers, vicious cyborgs, vile mutants, and dangerous bosses. Fight enemies in enjoyable skirmishes in seedy hotels in Albuquerque, explore abandoned sites in Los Alamos, defend the streets of Chicago and explore more sinister locations along the way.

Phantom FuryThe world is incredibly interactive. Pilot helicopters, solve environmental puzzles, hack full-fledged computers, play arcades and air hockey, and more – if you see this, you can probably play with it. Each mission offers amazing ways to interact and get around obstacles creatively.

Shelley’s aptitude for powerful weapons calls for a formidable arsenal, and Slipgate Ironworks provides it. Arm yourself with over 20 weapons, from her trusty Loverboy revolver and bowling bombs to new equipment such as armor-piercing shotguns, electrified foam launchers and controllable drones. Upgrade weaponry with mods like new fire features to unleash hell. Unlock new abilities from Shelley’s slick new arm, such as punches and electric shields, to overcome the odds on your way to the Demon Core.

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