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We’re thrilled to announce that Carrion, our grisly upside-down horror game, is coming to PlayStation 4! If you’ve always dreamed of portraying an amorphous drop of cartilage, teeth and tentacles as a PlayStation owner, you’ve come to the right place.

Carrion has eagerly devoured players during its first year on Earth, and we were set to bring the mindless path of destruction of our tentacles to the PlayStation for what seems like eternal! We hope that those of you who have not yet felt the warm, sticky embrace of our alien protagonist will find it worth the wait.

We’re thrilled to have you meet Carrion soon, but what is a “reverse horror experience”? Is this fictional marketing bullshit? Well, if you still don’t know about our creepy (award-winning) creation, Carrion immerses you in the role of a hideous alien creature awakening in a secret underground laboratory. Without explaining how it got there and for what purpose, the mysterious monster thinks of only one thing: the escape! And eat people. Okay, two things. But now the title of reverse horror makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

You will sow fear and panic over a mysterious object, chasing and absorbing the secretive people who have imprisoned you. As you grow and develop, you will acquire destructive abilities, including web-like ranged attacks, the ability to deflect light to become temporarily invisible, and even take over humans for maximum terror.

Your freedom break will open up a vast world that connects the various parts of the object, and new paths become available through your gradual development and successful achievement of goals. It will take all your ingenuity and cunning to navigate your chaos crusade through a maze-like garrison as the humans begin to resist.

We hope you guys are as hysterical as we are with Carrion making its way to PS4. We know there is a secret monster lurking inside you all …

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