Invasion of the Rabbits: Mission to Mars hits Netflix next month

Ubisoft has announced that these pesky Rabbids are coming to the big screen soon in Bunny Invasion: Mission to Mars, the new animation has gone to Netflix.

In the film, which will run roughly one hour and ten minutes, a group of rabbits go on a crazy mission to Mars, but as you can probably guess, things don’t go well. Be sure to watch the trailer (above) and read about what you can expect to see:

When Nebulous Industries announces they’re recruiting rabbits for a mission to Mars, Birdie doesn’t hesitate. Being a genius Rabbit who is misunderstood by his stupid peers, he has always dreamed of going to the red planet. After successfully passing the tests, he takes off with three other bunnies: Disco, the living queen of the dance floor, Cosmo, a pilot with confidence issues, and Mini, an adorable tiny bunny who HATES being mistaken for a child. But when this unlikely crew leaves Earth and heads for Mars, things don’t go as planned.

In the face of an interplanetary cosmic threat, our heroes must learn to overcome their differences and understand that true wisdom comes from the heart!

Of course, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is also launching this year, so maybe this new movie can serve as a quick snack before this juicy main course hits the Switch. Rabbids Invasion: Mission To Mars will be released on the streaming service on February 18th.

Image: Netflix

Let us know if you think you can handle the Rabbids frenzy for over an hour in the comments below.

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