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scattered lights is an atmospheric action-adventure game with fluid combat and an intricate world riddled with mystery. You are a tiny, growing light striving for excellence.

Fight gigantic creatures that have gone mad, warped by their emotions yet still feel familiar, uncover the story of your newborn light on its mystical life journey, and explore the wilderness and ruins while your inner demons try to thwart your progress.

Main themes and history of lost fires

scattered lights it is a poetic and oneiric interpretation of the journey, which is life stripped down to its most important components. It is also an ode to resilience: you see the emotions of others that have gone too far and become destructive. And it’s about facing those difficult battles, but in hopes of unraveling and appeasing rather than destroying, and growing in the process.

We deliberately did not add any text or dialogue to the game so that players can come up with their own interpretations. Having this freedom of appropriation is fundamental for us to experience something unforgettable.

Moon light

What we most want players to enjoy is ambient light

We’re excited for players to be able to discover and immerse themselves in the world we’ve created, meet the characters we’ve designed, and enjoy the combat and the game in general. We are also interested in how you will interpret the story, events and message of the game through your own lens.

Shot in the desert

What players can expect from Strayed Lights

An innovative combat system designed to allow the majority of players to experience those moments of bliss, flow satisfaction that comes from challenges. But also a complex world and an emotion-driven story that anyone can relate to and feel connected to. All in all, a unique experience and a sense of wonder.

blue creature

What It Was Like Designing Strayed Lights for Embers

An incredible experience, an old dream becomes a reality. We put our heart and soul into this first game and everyone at Embers is very proud of the result. We have developed unique processes and methods to enable our small team to achieve this amount of content and quality in the tiny amount of time it took to create a game, overcoming the challenges of the people we love to work with every day. We hope it will show when scattered lights Coming to Xbox this year!

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