Interview: Skin Deep Offers Bizarre FPS Experience With Cats Leading Them


What do you get when you have a team that really wants to create a really weird shooter? A really weird shooter where all the main cats are. This is exactly what the Blendo Games team is doing under the auspices of Annapurna Interactive with its newest name Skin Deep. There is sneezing, strange things stick to your feet, and you have to survive trying to escape a group of pirates after an insurance company, run by … cats, froze on a freighter. Yeah.

We sat down with Brandon Chung, head of Blendo Games, to talk about the studio’s latest game. With wild adventures such as Atom Zombie Smasher, Thirty Flights of Loving and more, Skin Deep fits into a growing library of quirky experiences that are just fun. Not every game has to have a billion subplots, not everything has to be super complicated to enjoy. In Skin Deep, you get the fun, thrill of gunfight and don’t take life too seriously.

so what is an Skin deep? It’s a world where insurance corporations keep valuables safe, including people, free you, and store you in cargo starships. It’s you. You are frozen. All is well and gorgeous, until a group of pirates decide to board a ship and throw everything into chaos. As a player, you have to turn around and plunge into chaos, using weapons and stealth-good cunning to try to survive in this sandbox. It’s silly, but also challenging as it offers the perfect mix of playstyles to make Skin Deep stand out.

So where does this inspiration come from? “I grew up playing FPS games,” Chang tells us. “I started making games, making maps for the likes of Doom, Quake, Half-Life and the like. So I did a lot of FPS, story games like Gravity Bone, but I didn’t do anything where you just shoot people straight. It’s a traditional FPS game, and I love this genre, so I wanted to do it, and I did it. “

Chang continues by saying, “For me, I’m a big booster for Far Cry 2, I just love the way these games are played. All the time I thought it was like playing FPS for the first time. This is great stuff. So I’m kind. I wanted to play around with different ideas like what FPS can do, like what I always wanted FPS to do, and like what we could do with the player’s body? And what could a player’s body be. I just wanted to play with these ideas with questions like, “What are they? How did they feel? ” “

He also adds that there is another component that he hopes players will enjoy: “Oh, you can smell these games that we are very proud of. We have the technology that allows you to climb into a garbage chute and into outer space. And then when you float out of space and climb back onto the ship, a big message appears that says you are smelly, and then you will spread green clouds of odor from your body. The bad guys will sense you and they will track you down your green scent clouds. And we have different systems to clean up again. So we’re very happy to let people play with it. “


The scent component is just one of the many oddities of this game, including the “sneezing system” that builds up as you crawl through ventilation halls in an attempt to play with all the things the body can do in the game. This is quite an interesting and certainly unique venture! Watch it in the trailer below to see for yourself how it all works:

Since Annapurna, as a publisher, is doing so much to increase the visibility of indie in the gaming space, I wanted to know exactly what Chang thinks about the current focus on indie studios. “I used to work in AAA for about five years,” he says. Game informer. “And then, in 2010, I became independent. And I think from my own experience, I always feel that whenever I release something, it’s just gigantic bullshit. I think sometimes something is inoculated and sometimes not. I will play a game that is really good. And then I’ll read the report that this game really didn’t sell very well. I’m like, “How did this happen? And I Honestly, I don’t quite understand. I mean, I think part of it is simply because there are so many games out there. And now there are so many free things. I couldn’t play this, this is an incredibly high quality game that is completely free and I don’t have to pay for it. ”

He adds: “A lot is happening. There are a lot of free stuff to play through the game or something like that. So I think there are definitely a lot of things to figure out. I think my general approach to creating things is that some things take root and some don’t. And because there is so much. Sometimes something just gets lost in the wind. I think we are doing something really cool. So I hope I think The best I can hope for is like I hope it finds an audience of people who like this kind of thing. It was kind of fun, easy and like playing with ideas. But I think other than that, there are some things that are sometimes of our control, it’s a bummer, but I don’t know. “

We don’t want to disturb you, dear reader, but games are – in fact – difficult to make. I know! Crazy, right? But they! And Chang talks about this too. “I think that something that sometimes does not always work out [to people] is that games are difficult to create, and that when you want to create a game, you have to create every bit, you have to create all the parts of it. I think sometimes it might sound like to some people, like, oh, you think I could just make this game in three months, but it actually takes you two years or something. But sometimes it seems to me that it is difficult to understand. It’s not just a puzzle that you put the pieces into, it’s no longer you know where a straight line goes, even if it’s a straight line. It’s more like a very, very twisted line like, “Okay, let’s try this.” So there are many different ideas that you should try first but fail. And then you find what works. And I think when people say “yes, I can do it in three months”, they may not be wrong, but coming up with all these ideas and making them work takes much longer. “

Skin Deep will only be on Steam, although future platform releases are under consideration.

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