Intellivision releases unboxing of Amico showing working system

Intellivision Amico has endured several troubled years with numerous lengthy delays, management changes and doubts about the viability of the company. More questions arose recently, when the company abruptly ended its investment cycle ahead of schedule.

Probably in an ongoing effort to reassure potential customers and investors, Intellivision has released an unboxing video that also shows the device in operation. The release date is still unknown, and the shown device has been sent to the president of the European division, Hans Ippich, for demonstration to potential partners. The video can be viewed at the top of the article.

It does show a functional system, with demos including connecting Amico to a TV, running a few games, switching main menu languages, connecting to a network, and accessing a dummy version of its store. It’s not a flawless showcase, however – the “EU” packaging conflicts with the inclusion of a North American standard power supply, while the online store (despite being on an EU device) asks for a US state standard and zip code when logging in.

However, we see that the functional unit and the planned packaging are in place.

As detailed VGKa copy of this video was sent out to those who pre-ordered from Intellivision “along with a message from CEO Phil Adam confirming that the company is “in talks with potential investors/buyers” and that “during this process, we will continue to move forward together with Amico.

What the video and message don’t establish is the release schedule, and the unboxing doesn’t show that serious mass production is underway.

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