Inside the Xbox Series X | S Optimize: Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition


One of the biggest advantages of all that power in hardware gives developers the ability to make games that are Xbox Series X | S Optimized. This means that they have taken advantage of the unique capabilities of Xbox Series X | S, both for new titles built natively using the Xbox Series X development environment | S, both for previously released titles that have been rebuilt specifically for the console. In our Inside Xbox Series X Optimized series, these creators will share behind-the-scenes accounts of how they’re optimizing their titles for Xbox Series X | S is what it means for the future of the game. Today, we will chat with 4A Games about optimization Metro Exodus Improved Edition for Xbox Series X | S, available now.

Q: What excites you most about developing and bringing an Xbox Optimized X version | S di Metro Exodus to life on next-generation hardware?

A: Since the original release of Metro Exodus and the introduction of real-time ray tracing to the game, where we pioneered RTGI with our friends in Nivida, we were all-in for a completely ray traced future. In new hardware Xbox Series X | S allows us to bring that vision to our console fans for the first time of which we are really excited.

Players can experiment Metro Exodus in 4K / 60 on Xbox Series X with the next evolution of our RT technology – a significant step up from the original PC version – with each tracked light source, emitting lights including focus, and optimized specifically for Xbox hardware . Building this update for the Xbox version has also given us a critical insight into building our next experiences to take full advantage of this new hardware, and we’re excited to bring the Metro franchise to new audiences looking for a technology showcase that truly shows the power of the new generation of Xbox hardware.

Q: In addition to profiting from the power and performance of Xbox Series X | S for faster charging times etc. What Features of Xbox Series X | S you are the most enthusiastic to explore exploiting the development of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition?

A: Having ray-track support on consoles is a game changer. It’s been a game changer on PC and now that we can bring this new technology to console gamers, it’s changing how we develop games from the beginning. We’ve seen ray tracing as the future and now that Xbox has made it accessible to its gamers, everyone wins. We will continue to push the envelope for what is possible as developers, and gamers can enjoy better and more realistic experiences.

Tracking the rays will not only help with the visuals as it already has – the development community, 4A Games included, is already working on ways to expand on this new technology. Faster charging times than the new SSD is also a huge benefit for large gamers, especially games with large or dense environments that typically require a lot of resources to charge. We managed to get a dramatic reduction in charging times for it Metro Exodus, up to 80% in some cases when full chapters are loaded, or a 3-4x improvement in best cases and all fast charging times (return from death) should be reduced to 10 seconds or less, in some cases almost instantaneous.

Q: How these improvements will influence a player’s experience with Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition?

A: Console gamers can now experiment Metro Exodus in a way that was previously possible only for passionate PC gamers who possessed Ray Tracing-capable video cards – 4K, smooth 60fps of smooth rock, and full ray tracing throughout. And new capabilities of the Xbox Series X | S allow us to bring these exclusively previous features to more players for the most immersive and fluid experience.

Q: Why your development team chose to focus on areas for improvement Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition?

A: We had two key targets: full ray and 60fps. As we see the trajectory of the rays as the future, this priority must be evident. We’ve been all-in on ray tracing since the beginning and we wanted to bring this technology to our console fans now that the hardware is here. Metro Exodus I took the latest generation hardware and stretched it to the maximum, literally squeezing the last few pieces of resources we could, but it meant the game had to run at 30fps.

Now that we had a lot more power to work with, giving players a smooth 60fps was really important for us to ensure that the gaming experience was now as solid as it could be. Including maximizing the capabilities of the latest generation, they were charging times. We recognize that our charging times were not ideal on gen8 hardware, especially when you compare them to charging times in most PC configurations out there. The new SSDs have allowed us to drastically improve charging times to bring them much more in line with what most PC readers were able to experience – up to 80% better in some cases, and all the fast charging. (ie, after death, recharge in-level) times are less than 10 seconds, sometimes.

Q: How do you expect fans to Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will respond to play on Xbox Series X | S with these optimizations?

A: It’s a transformative experience. There’s never been a better time to play, especially if you only had one end last time … hint.


Q: How is it developing on Xbox Series X | S?

A: Xbox Series X hasn’t been anything big, especially for all the things we want to do with this update which is a clear update from all Gen8 hardware versions. We’re also happy with the results on Xbox Series S and how we’ve been able to balance our goals for this console, prioritizing Ray Tracing and 60fps, and we’re able to achieve both on Xbox Series S.

Q: Which reinforcement have you been most excited to explore the lever for Metro Exodus Improved Edition on Xbox Series X | S?

A: Ray tracing, ray tracing, ray tracing 😊

Q: What does Smart Delivery mean for your game and how does it work Metro Exodus Improved Edition to amateurs?

A: You already own it Metro Exodus on Xbox One, get all the free upgrades on your Xbox Series X | S without solution. It’s a great system and really rewards players who jumped on Day 1. Players will be able to continue their chapter progress on the Xbox Series X | S without additional steps, start a new save slot and play it back for a different ending, or you can even start a new save slot to unlock all the chapters to clear and see improvements in subsequent levels.

Q: What allows the development of Xbox Series X | S in current or future projects that you wouldn’t have been able to achieve with the previous generation of consoles? “

A: Our future titles were built with a new lighting pipeline that puts ray tracing first and that wasn’t possible two years ago when we initially released it. Metro Exodus. After developing this update for the Xbox Series X | S, we’ve had a bit of a trial to see what this new hardware is capable of, which is a luxury these days and will help us a lot to know what we’re capable of doing for our future titles and how we can do it. We have more updates coming to our engine in the future and knowing from the beginning what we have available to us is valuable.

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