Infinite Links is KEMCO’s latest role-playing game designed to switch

In particular, starting with the 3DS eShop, KEMCO has become an active publisher in the Nintendo download stores. It’s a sequel to the Switch, with a varied set of titles, but with a particular focus on RPGs, which is sure to be welcomed by fans of the genre. The following has now been confirmed for the online store (along with PlayStation and Xbox) − Infinite Links Available May 12 for $14.99 (and regional equivalents) with a 10% pre-order discount.

Released on mobile devices in October 2021 to positive user reviews, it seems to have a decent amount of depth and mechanics to use in your adventures. Below is part of the game’s official advertisement:

Talismans are magical items of great power, and some of them can grant any wish. Kronos, a boy training to be a wizard, and Serena, who consider each other siblings, are involved in the Talisman’s plot. Will they be able to save themselves and the world from the impending danger?

Place talismans on the skill board to acquire skills and lethal moves to turn the tide in turn-based battles. Forging and upgrading weapons, armor and Talismans from materials will give you additional benefits. There are also strategic elements with battle formations and traps, not to mention a variety of quests, arenas and monster achievements that await you as challenges!

Are you ready to save the world again in EXE-CREATE RPG? If so, then you won’t have to wait long.

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