Infernax looks like a delicious and enhanced version of Castlevania’s 8-bit formula

Image: Berzerk Studio

Berzerk Studio has earned a pretty good reputation among some Switch eShop fans with Just Shapes & Beats, a pretty cool game with great music and gameplay, reminiscent of Super hexagon… The development team will be back soon with another intriguing piece of retro-styled goodness in the form Infernaxdue out in the first quarter of 2022.

Published by The Arcade Crew – the independent publishing label Dotemu – it takes inspiration from the 8-bit era with the original Castlevania A trilogy comes to mind, but it’s not just a tribute. It combines mechanics and ideas from much more modern times, combined with some pretty tasty visuals. You can watch the trailer directly on youtube (it is age bound, so it cannot be inlined).

Below are some of the commercials.

Alcedor gains the experience and gold necessary to gain bonuses by killing enemies, increasing the level of characteristics and earning new skills and weapons to paint the screen red with blocky splashes of blood. Morale check decisions made during his quest have repercussions later in the adventure and affect which of the game’s many endings will be witnessed by players. InfernaxThe open-world design is filled with secrets that await the toughest players to discover, offering a satisfying reward for those experienced enough to withstand brutal trials.

It’s definitely on our radar next year, let us know what you think in the comments.

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