INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 is likely to showcase over 500 games

Image: Indie Live Expo

As we get closer to winter and the busiest shopping season, we will be able to enjoy a few more in-game events that showcase a variety of games, which is always fun. One online event that has earned a decent fan base over the past couple of years is INDIE Live Expo, and it looks like its next event will be a big event.

Since it is geared towards Japan in terms of the audience, the broadcast times are not ideal for viewers in Europe and North America – it will work November 6 at midnight PST / 3:00 ET / 7:00 UK time / 8:00 CET, with flows on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, and Bilibili in English, Japanese and Chinese.

The headline “500 Games +” is quite possible given that the summer show lasted almost six hours and the format will be full of sizzling videos. There will of course be some new discoveries, although we will also see previously announced and ongoing games.

The show will feature world premieres and exclusive updates from some of the most anticipated upcoming indie games. ILE will also feature 15-second demos of hundreds of current and upcoming games, as well as musical performances from the finest indie game soundtracks.

The online exhibition will also have its own annual awards, which you can vote here

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on any particularly exciting news in a couple of weeks.

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