Indie Developer Gives Out Free Download Codes For Its Latest Wii U Game

Image: Ultra Dolphin Revolution

Update #3 [Sat 1st Apr, 2023 00:00 BST]: The latest batch of codes is now available!

Thanks again to TaraBates for keeping us up to date with developer tweets.

Update #2 [Thu 30th Mar, 2023 10:30 BST]: The second batch of codes is already available!

Update: Well, it looks like we’ve opened the floodgates! Ultra Dolphin Revolution has confirmed that it’s running out of codes for now, but fear not, the developer will try to get some more to give away to you dear Wii U fans. (Thanks Sansi for the tip!)

Also, make sure you watch the Captain U trailer if you’re curious about the game (thanks for sharing, TaraBates).

Original article: Ultra Dolphin Revolution, an independent developer behind a number of games currently exclusive to the Wii U eShop, is giving away 128 download codes for its latest Wii U game, Captain U.

Even though the Wii U shut down earlier this week, you can still redeem download codes as long as April 3, around 9:30 AM PT.. As a result, Ultra Dolphin Revolution has decided to share their work with the world and is giving away codes for Captain U on Twitter for both Europe and North America.

North America codes start here for five tweetsand European codes follow in the next five tweets. Some of the codes in the tweets may have already been activated, so if you’re interested in getting one of these, keep trying!

It’s an incredible gesture and yet another show of the community – fans and developers alike – coming together to celebrate the Wii U and 3DS, to share the titles and memories that make these platforms unique.

Ultra Dolphin Revolution offers ten games on the Wii U Online Store, some of which are remastered versions of their previous releases. Many of the titles are inspired by classic NES platform games in both gameplay and visual style. (Editor’s Note: We previously incorrectly counted Ultra Dolphin Revolutions games in the Wii U Web Store and have since updated this article)

In addition to giving away codes for their game, Ultra Dolphin Revolution also commissioned an amazing piece of art to celebrate their Wii U games. Artwork created by the in-game artist and illustrator. Sapphire Wong it is nothing short of wonderful.

Have you played Captain Yu? Will you miss the Wii U Online Store when it’s gone forever? Let us know about it in the comments.

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