In the new anime directed by Your Name, a girl starts an affair with a chair

Suzume prepares to kiss Souta.

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While most anime have a muscular hunk or an aloof loner as the protagonist’s romantic partner, the new film from the director of the international box office hit Your name goes a little different way. Suzume, the film’s protagonist, has an affair with a wooden chair. Is not Onion article, this is the realistic background of the movie.

Movie Suzumeor Suzume no Tojimari (Suzume who locks doors). Produced by the anime studio CoMix Wave Films, it tells the story of a 17-year-old girl from Kyushu named Suzume, who, after a chance meeting with a mysterious man, must close magical doors across Japan, beyond which lurk the catastrophes of the end of the world. Where is the deep romantic kissing on a chair/sitting come in, you ask? You see, the swooning Squat, Yellow, and Timber are actually a dude named Souta who, after crossing paths with a cat spreading a strange crisis, turns into a chair. Naturally, somewhere in the process of saving the world, they kiss.


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We got a first look at Suzume back in April. In a statement provided io9film director Makoto Shinkai said that the central theme Suzume, which, again, is a movie about a girl who has to walk around closing doors, is a closure. In case that metaphor flew over your head, Shinkai followed it up with a message that he hoped the audience would walk away from him. Suzume think about “how to close the many doors we left open.”

“I placed this responsibility on Suzume while she travels around Japan, closing different doors,” Shinkai said. io9.

While the idea behind this film sounds equally simplistic and ambitious, it goes without saying that its director has a pretty good track record. Your name, whose plot revolves around a love story in which a city boy and a country girl switch bodies with each other, received many awards including Best Film Award from Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards 2018.

In addition to everything else he does, Suzume hopes that Shinkai will continue to use great music in his films.. They are collaborating on its soundtrack Kazuma Jinnouchicomposer behind Ghost in the shell SAC_2045and famous TikTok vocalist Toaka.

Suzume will be released in Japanese theaters on November 11 and will arrive in US cinemas sometime in early 2023.

Correction: 09/29/22 4:32 PM ET: The post was previously incorrectly attributed a Shinkai film that he did not direct. We are sorry for the mistake.

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