I Am Fish Splashes September 16

The wait is almost over, the fate of our fantastic friends Goldfish, Blowfish, Flying Fish and Piranha is almost in your hands. I’m a fish goes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass on September 16. The entire Fish-Team and all of the Bossa Studios and Curve Digital staff wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun with I’m a fish

The diversity of the team and the passion for the project not only allowed us to create a colorful game that you will soon experience, but also allowed us to bring a wide range of ideas to life, including challenging puzzles and memorable moments! We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do!

Thanks to the high performance Xbox Series X | S, we were able to bring I’m a fish to your console in 4K with full-featured graphics such as high-quality lighting and unique water rendering technology.

Share your love for our aquatic allies by downloading the I Am Fish Snap Camera AR Lens for Windows and Mac Desktop PCs or the Snapchat AR Lens for Android and iOS.

The I Am Fish Snap Camera Lens for Windows and Mac immerses you in the underwater world with four different filters to choose from, each depicting a different fish champion from I’m a fish Cast. The I Am Fish Snap Camera Lens is compatible with OBS Studio, Steamlabs OBS and XSplit Broadcaster – the most popular streaming tools for Twitch, perfect for creating an aquatic gaming experience. I’m a fish when launching on September 16th or give your favorite games an extraordinary look. To download Snap Camera, just go to and paste the following url into your search bar:

If you like Snapchat more, use the I Am Fish Snapchat AR Lens for Android and iOS to get to know Goldfish, Pufferfish, Flying Fish and Piranha better and share your favorite moments with friends on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. To access the lens, simply search for “I Am a Fish” on Snapchat.

You can be aware of everything I’m a fish following us on YouTube @CurveDigital, Twitter @IAmFishGame, and Discord.

I’m a fish

Curve Digital

I Am Fish is an adorable physical adventure featuring four fearless fish friends forcibly separated from their home in a pet shop aquarium. As the game progresses, you join them as they float, fly, roll and munch their way to the open ocean from the far reaches of Barnardshire (England’s smallest county) in their quest for freedom and reunite once. again. AWESOME FRIENDS Meet our heroes! The goldfish is cheerful, brave and adventurous, a born swimmer! The pufferfish is a little slow but kindhearted, which can also curl up into a ball and roll on the ground. Piranha is wild, chaotic, loud, unpredictable and loves to bite – obviously. Flying Fish is a little detached at times, but very soft in the shower, able to float in the air! These brave heroes will not leave indifferent any cup, putting all their hearts and the flock into the mission of reunification! DON’T HAVE TO BE A BRAIN STURGEON Swim, roll, slide, gnaw, slap, inflate, fly and fight your way through exciting challenges. The simple, intuitive control scheme leaves no excuse if your fish dies and you feel very gill. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOWL With its idyllic coastline and quaint villages, Barnardshire may seem like the perfect slice of tranquility, but for our aquatic adventurers, it is full of real-world threats from crossing roads, crossing rooftops, dodging deep fryers, avoiding wildlife, including grumpy locals, not to mention fragile aquariums and the real problem is that fish can’t breathe out of the water. DON’T LEAVE THE FISH FOR DEATH We will not dwell on the death of the grizzly fish, but if your fish falls too far into any homemade aquarium where it ends up, you run out of air or even flounder, you will be returned to the last control point to refine your approach. SWIMMING FOR FREEDOM Our four financial friends will hitchhike on all sorts of special water carriers, including pitchers, mop buckets on wheels, and occasional beer mugs. To your health! Navigating in each homemade watercraft is a unique challenge, but don’t worry, the relative freedom of open water is always close to inviting fountains, pools and … until the ultimate goal of shimmering open ocean is reached.

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