Huge Grand Theft Auto VI leak reveals gameplay and characters

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Image: Rockstar Games

User on GTAForumswho claims to have also stood for recent uber hackjust posted almost 100 videos online claiming to show footage of Rockstar’s development. Grand Theft Auto VI, which are currently circulating on almost all social media platforms..

Compliance with most what kind Bloomberg informed Earlier this year-including that the game will be played by a woman and the action will take place in Vice City– a lot of videos staff in development with unfinished textures and models everywhere, and the code is played in real time in many of them. Liker is currently taking requests asking people what else they would like to see in other videos.

One, White male playable character meets racist NPC by the pool, and as the conversation progresses, you can see the code needed for the interaction to play along with the in-game action. In the other, a female character – I mention this only because it will be the first series –explores one of the series’ infamous strip clubs.

There is also a video showing “passenger shooting mechanic”, which shows a player with an AK-47 chasing police cars, and another that shows car interior modeling.

One of the most complete videos in the uploaded image, both characters teamed up to rob the diner, holding the patrons at gunpoint until the police arrived. Others are more crudely shaped and are little more than a featureless placeholder character moving across an empty landscape while performing combat animations such as taking cover.

The legitimacy of these videos is clearly in question. There’s a lot of footage, of course, and to fake the action and the code running at the same time would be a lot of work for an internet prank. But it’s still a leak, and unless Rockstar comments (we’ve contacted and will let you know if we get a response), we won’t. know it’s real until we can match what’s shown here with what ends up in GTA VI.

If this is really, then shit. Given the status of the game and the amount of footage, it will be one of the biggest in history. right there with Half life 2.

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