How to quickly complete challenges in Halo Infinite using bots

Halo characters from the new game, whose faces have been replaced with robot stickers.

Screenshot: 343 / Microsoft / Kotaku

Halo Infinite’s early multiplayer launch on November 15 was a funny surprise and since then the overall reaction to the beta has been favorable. But the free shooter battle pass was heavily criticized for being too slow to level up and filled with shitty rewards… While I can’t help you with crappy rewards, I can help you level up faster and hopefully get access to some of the best items faster. All you have to do is kill some bots!

Ok, that’s not all, but it’s a big secret that I didn’t know about until ForbesYesterday Paul Tassie told… Some weekly challenges in Halo infinite can be completed in matches with AI bots, without having to deal with other players.

V Halo infiniteThe weekly challenges are divided into three levels. Higher levels, II and III, provide more experience, but they are more difficult and require players to perform them against real players. However, many Tier I tasks do not include this requirement, so you can head to Bot Bootcamp to complete them.

Understanding the levels in Halo infinite This is good, the main thing is to look for any problem related to PVP. Those I can not be completed in matches with bots.

Thus, challenges such as “Kill enemy Spartans with a battle rifle” or “Kill enemy Spartans with a battle rifle” can be performed against bots. But tasks such as “Kill a Spartan enemy with a grenade launcher” in PvP“Or” Win an all-control match in PvP»Can only be achieved against real players online.

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It won’t do armor and cosmetics are better and Iup to hope 343 improves and changes the way XP and the battle pass will unlock work in Halo infinite, but now, This is a nifty little trick that has already helped me and others speed up the Battle Pass.

Not only bots can help you complete some of the weekly challenges, but also players also found out that many Xbox achievements can also be unlocked against bots… If you feel bad atyou can always step back and overcome their difficulties to keep everything honest… But be careful, because then they will get (probably deserved) revenge

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