How to Play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles with Original Japanese Audio – Guide


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has finally gotten the English localization we’ve been craving for years, but … what if we really want to reproduce it with the original Japanese sound for maximum authenticity?

It turns out that this is quite possible – and we’ll show you how to do it!

First you need to make sure you save your game and go to the main menu.

Voice options

From there go to Options and select Language and you will have the option to switch between Japanese and English audio. This option is not available while you are playing out any cases, and apparently only affects the actual voice cues, which can mainly be heard in the interjections “Objection”, “Hold it”, “Excuse me”, as well as animated scenes. The text will still be in English, so this is more for taste than anything else.

Japanese "ち ょ っ と!" - "Chotto!", meaning "Excuse me!"
In Japanese “ち ょ っ と!” – “Chotto!“, meaning “Excuse me!

Good luck playing in the original language!

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