How to Play Resident Evil 2 Remake in VR for Free

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2019’s Resident evil 2 remake was fantasticmixing third-person action and combat from Resident 4, with fears and visuals Resident evil 7… But now, thanks to the impressive looking fan mod, you can once again see that glow of VR survival horror that sounds both exciting and very scary at the same time.

As I first noticed DownloadVR in August 2021, this VR mod for RE2 / RE3 touted many virtual reality enthusiasts for months. And now both mods for RE2 and RE3 was uploaded to Githubby allowing anyone with a copy of any survival horror game to jump into Raccoon City in a whole new way.

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The reason so many VR fans were in love with this mod was for a reason clean the amount of work of the creator of the mod, pridog, invested in the project. The weapon, like the knife, has full 3D collision, allowing players to swing and strike enemies using natural movement. The mod also fully supports motion control, allowing you to quickly destroy zombies or spin in complete fear as the licker surprises you from a dark shadow you haven’t tested.

The mod also allows players to watch everything RE2 and RE3 cut-scenes in full 3D, although DownloadVR warns this can disrupt some of the scenes, as you will be able to see things that you should never have seen.

The quality of this VR mod is even more impressive when you remember that the remakes Resident evil 2 and 3 were third-person shooters, so adding real-time first-person motion control to the game was not easy. However, the prideog succeeded brilliantly on the basis of fashion footage posted by game leader 1

With these mods and official Resident evil 4 Occulus Quest 2 Port Released Last Year, plus the ability to play RE7 using PSVR you can play most of Resident Evil franchise in virtual reality. (If you’re brave enough.)

Now I’m just waiting for Capcom to add VR support to Resident evil village… And to provide PC VR support in RE7, too much.

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