How to get Metroid Prime Remastered to work with a GameCube controller

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Metroid Prime Remastered brings the GameCube classic to Switch in a polished fashion. Retro Studios, with the help of a few additional developers, has significantly updated the original Switch game with updated visuals, expanded gallery features, and several new control options.

Of course, one of these control options allows you to effectively reproduce the original “classic” GameCube controls on a Switch with a Joy-Con or Switch Pro controller. But what if you want to go all the way and use a real GameCube tablet with Metroid Prime Remastered? Could you really do it?

Well the good news is Yesyou absolutely can. Please note with slight changes in the game settings! Metroid Prime Remastered does not have built-in support for GameCube controllers.but it is possible to reproduce the original controls fairly accurately if you have the right pad and adapter.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps required to reproduce the GameCube controls in Metroid Prime Remastered as accurately as possible.

How to use the GameCube tablet with Metroid Prime Remastered on Switch

Whether you’re using an official GameCube with an adapter or a third party, you’ll need to look into the game’s settings and tweak a couple of things to make the controls look truly authentic to the original.

The good news is that most button mappings are pretty much accurate, so there isn’t much to change here.

Note. If you have an official GameCube and an adapter, you need to complete the following steps with your Joy-Con/Pro controller before switching to the GameCube.

  • First of all, go to the game settings. To do this, press “Select / -” during the game to open the inventory screen. Then press “L” to open the “Options” menu.
  • Then select the “Control” option and move the analog stick to the right until you select the “Classic” setting. This is the main basis of the GameCube controls.
  • On the right side, you will see some additional options. You’ll want to scroll down until you find Swap X and Y inputs. Flip it to “On”. This will mean that the morphoball is now mapped to “X” and the missiles to “Y”, just like in the original.
  • Then go to the “Source map button” option and select “ZR” – this will now allow you to open the map screen by pressing Start/Pause or the “Z” button on the GameCube pad.
  • In terms of aim inversion, the game is exactly the same as the original. The movement is not reversed, but aiming in place with “R” is on the Y axis. However, you can change this if you want.

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