How to fish in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Khajiit is fishing in a pond near Riverwood in Skyrim.

Screenshot: Bethesda / Kotaku

Fishing in video games is challenging. Many games offer this mechanic, but few implement it. Personally, I can’t even remember a single fishing minigame I’ve enjoyed in the last few years. Pokemon? Tiring, annoying. Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Zzzzz. Hades? The only thing that resembles a flaw in a perfect bagel.

Ubisoft’s mapping games are particularly egregious when it comes to enabling fishing, often because they try to get close to real frustrations like the patience that comes with fishing. In recent years Assassin’s Creed Valhalla contained a requirement to test his aggravating mini-game before progressing through the story. Most recently alone Far cry 6 side quest tasked me with catching fish “to relax” as if it were something someone was playing A big difference for. Like clockwork, every 15 minutes I received an in-game call from a quest giver, an alternative medicine guru, with a call to return. I ended up watching a few video tutorials to figure out what to do, just to get the quack to shut him up.

And for five year anniversary Skyrimjubilee five yearsBethesda decided to add a nonessential minigame in which you throw a thin rope into a pool of water and sometimes get a salty cooking ingredient in return if you’re patient. Although it’s been a while since I played Skyrim, I was curious. Hey, maybe it was this one that finally changed my old mind.

How to fish in Skyrim

To clear up some confusion: although fish have always existed in Skyrimfishing mini-game fresh, having was first announced during stream was broadcast at Quakecon this year… You also won’t need new ones this week. Anniversary edition fish in Skyrim… Yes, this is one of the important new features as well as survival mode –but also in 2016 Special issue as a free update (about two dozen GB, at least on Xbox). This is part of the game as one of four free mods from “creativity clubis essentially a microtransaction showcase. At least on the Xbox where I play, if your game is fully updated it will be automatically installed in your game.

Of course, you will need to find a fishing rod before you can catch any fish. There is one (damage: 4, weight: 3, value: 10) on the beach just under the hill from the Guardian Stones, two steps down the river from Riverwood. You will see him leaning against a boulder next to the makeshift camp.

The Skyrim map shows where to find a fishing rod near Riverwood.

If you get lost, go here.
Screenshot: Bethesda / Kotaku

Can’t find it? You can also create one yourself. Go to any forge. (There is one right at the entrance to Riverwood, which, incidentally, is relatively close to the fishing spot.) For one iron ingot and one firewood – a seemingly common resource that is shockingly difficult for me to find today – you can make yourself a shiny new fishing rod.

Catch with fishing in Skyrim is that you can’t just do it in any body of water you find. You should find predetermined pillars of “fishing gear” lying more or less around the bait boxes. Interacting with them will launch a fishing minigame. (There is one right next to the fishing rod that you can find on the beach.)

So, is fishing fun in Skyrim?

Fishing in Skyrim has practically no interaction with the reels and is basically similar to the simplest fishing minigames. You start with a pre-cast line. When your rod shakes, you press A to rewind what’s on the hook. That’s all. You have no freedom to move the rod. You cannot choose between different types of bait. You cannot tweak the line or handle, although there seem to be more sleek designs that will increase your chances of catching. All this is very primitive, of course, not at the level from which one would expect. Skyrim

You also cannot activate third person perspective. I think you just need to use your imagination to see what my Khajiit looks like, Catman.

It’s not hard to say that Skyrim is one of the most influential RPGs of all time. In fact, just jumping for an hour to check it out fus ro dumb This feature gave me a pleasant nostalgia for how damn good this game is. This was quickly followed by an uncomfortable feeling that I would probably spend 100 hours playing through this again.Skyrim this is a real example of power, a masterpiece of filling the game things not allowing it to swell and shy away from a believable sense of place. One of the highlights this year is the mini-game where you press one button at the right time, and it’s a disappointment. I mean fishing is thinner than horse armor.

But, nevertheless, I shook him pretty well. I caught a salmon fish and was ordered to go all the way to Riften to complete a quest called “Familiar Fishermen.” (I didn’t get to Riften with this save file and most likely won’t be for some time.) I caught river betty and other named fish. I caught something called a pogfish, and I’m pretty sure it’s an internet joke that flashed over my head.

Then he wound a pair of leather boots. This is fishing for you.

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