How many eyes does Sonic really have?

Image: Nintendo Life

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog have been asking a lot of questions about the franchise over the years. What is the best 2D game? Best 3D? Will Chao reappear? We could continue.

However, here at Nintendo Life we ​​would like to ask big questions; the ones that really keep us awake at night. One issue that has puzzled us lately has definitely been discussed before on this Internet, but we can’t wait to hear our community’s thoughts.

You already know what that is since it’s in the title, but our question is simple: How many eyes does Sonic actually have? You might think “What the hell is Nintendo Life now, there are obviously two of them!”, and yes, that might be the most obvious answer. After all, he has two pupils and – at least in more modern images – two green (sometimes brown) irises.

Sonic Origins
Image: Sega

However, there is something else that we simply cannot shake. The white part of the eye, called the sclera, actually joins in the middle of Sonic’s face with no noticeable gap between them. Indeed, the muscles above Sonic’s eyes that control the movement of his eyelids are constantly frowning, but they don’t connect with the fleshy facial muscles that house his nose and mouth.

We’ve seen rare instances in the past where Sonic’s eyes have been clearly separated, perhaps most prominently at Paramount Pictures. Sonic the Hedgehog film and its direct sequel. There is a subtle but unmistakable border between the two eyes here, mixing blue fur with cream fur underneath. Observe:

sonic movie
Image: Paramount Pictures

Then let’s fix this. We’ve put together a few possible solutions to this horrific monumental puzzle, so make your voice heard, vote in the poll, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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