Hotel Transylvania: Scary Tale Adventures Coming to Switch Next Week

Outright Games has announced that Hotel Transylvania: Scary Tale Adventures is coming to Nintendo Switch next week on March 11th.

The game is inspired by the latest movie in the Hotel Transylvania: Transformation franchise, giving players of all ages the opportunity to “explore unique worlds as fan-favorite movie characters.”

Here’s some more information on what to expect:

Challenge these ghostly worlds as the legendary Drac and Mavis and meet other favorite characters. Hotel Translevania characters along the way including Johnny, Murray and Wayne. Become the Red Riding Mavis and watch out for the Big Bad Wolf Wayne, collect valuable trinkets for the Thieves King to enter the Treasure Cavern and solve puzzles to unlock ruined temples and find Emperor Blobby’s new clothes!

Looks like it’s for kids, what do you think? Will you pick up this March 11th?

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