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Today we are pleased to present the list of monthly PlayStation Plus games for October. Experience superhuman clashes in Injustice 2, thrilling tiny car racing in Hot Wheels Unleashed, and thrilling strategic combat in Superhot.

PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium subscribers can add these three games to their game library from Tuesday, October 4th through Monday, October 31st. The list of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games for October will be announced later this month.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Monthly Games.

Hot wheels unleashed | ps4, ps5

Collect, build and race in this fantastic arcade sim based on the Hot Wheels universe. Earn new cars, then take them to the track to race side by side with friends in 2-player split-screen or take on up to 12 opponents in online challenges. If you’ve been racing, why not try building your own track? Create amazing layouts inside and outside of the track editor. Advertising loops, special boosters, obstacles and special items to make an incredible amusement park for your races, then share your creation online for other players to try.

Injustice 2 | PS4

The creators of Mortal Kombat are returning to the DC Universe with the biggest roster of superhumans yet. Choose from twisted versions of iconic heroes and supervillains and take on epic battles in breathtaking locations around the world. Take on other players locally and online, or immerse yourself in a story-driven single-player campaign that pits Batman against Superman’s regime. You’ll earn gear after each match to equip, customize, and develop your squad.

Superhot | PS4

Blurring the line between careful strategy and rampant chaos, Superhot is a first-person shooter where time only moves when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently located ammo. Only you, outnumbered and outgunned, grab onto the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slash and maneuver through the hurricane of slow bullets. Superhot’s polished, minimalistic visual language helps you focus on what matters most – fluid gameplay and cinematic combat.

Last Chance to Download Monthly PlayStation Plus Games for September

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to add Need for Speed ​​Heat, Granblue Fantasy: Versus and Toem to their game library until Monday, October 3rd.

Also take a look at our Monthly playlist inspired by PlayStation Plus games on Spotifywhich will be updated with new songs every month.

Game library varies by time, region/country, and plan. PS Plus subscriptions are automatically charged at recurring charges until cancelled. Terms apply:

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