Hot Coffee Sex minigame code found in GTA San Andreas Remaster

A terrible looking model from GTA SA Remastered.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition has undergone a rather unsuccessful launch since its release on November 11… On PC, players were unable to play the game for more than 24 hours due to issues with the Rockstar Launcher. All versions of the game are filled with bugs visual glitches, terrible weather effects, there is no fog and much more. And now it seems like some code from notorious GTA San Andreas Hot coffee controversy is still in the compilation, as are the songs that were cut, presumably under license. This may partly explain why the game is still not available on PC.

Shortly after the release of the updated trilogy data developers and fans quickly started digging through the collection files and code… What they found was amazing. Buried in Final edition numerous pieces of code, scripts and files that shouldn’t be there, including developer comments, clipped content, etc.

Also in these files you can find: The code is related to the infamous Hot Coffee sex mini-game. This is according to multiple social media data sources as well as popular Gta expert and datainer Vadim M which told me about the newly discovered code.

Hot Coffee related code from the new trilogy collection

Screenshot: Vadim / Kotaku

Short story. In 2004, Rockstar released GTA San Andreas which showed the ability to have sex with different girlfriends in the game. However, these scenes were not graphic, but instead featured a short scene in which CJ enters GF’s house after being invited to coffee, and some suggestive audio clips played over the exterior of the house. However buried in the code San Andreas It was fully developed sex mini game which Rockstar turned off, but was not actually cut from the retail version.

In 2005, players found a way to reactivate this Hot Coffee content, which led to many legal problems for Take-Two and Rockstar. including $ 20 million settlement, litigation, class action lawsuits, hearings and participation in the US Congress. It was whole. Rockstar will release revised versions San Andreas this removed all controversial content, allowing the game to maintain its M rating.

Hot Coffee related code from the new trilogy collection

Screenshot: Vadim / Kotaku

But now recently released San Andreas remaster at least contains code associated with the “Hot Coffee” content. According to Vadim M, it is unlikely that players will be able to reactivate the sex minigame like they did in 2005 due to the fact that most of the real resources needed for the minigame are still missing from these versions.

As for why this code is even in these recently released ports, the best theory is that the developers behind the collection have been provided with a “main assembly” San Andreas and just didn’t delete anything from it. As such, all comments, changes, and Rockstar code from the latest build must be present in GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition’s files.

Another interesting discovery is that, apparently, all songs from the original version San Andreas still in the game. However, a script is used to prevent them from playing.… Assuming that the reason some music is no longer included is due to license expiration, it’s probably not a good thing that the songs are still in play and readily available. I believe one or two lawyers will find this questionable.

These “cut” songs and hot coffee files can be one of the “data files” that Rockstar says it was inadvertently included in the PC version of the game.… Whatever the files really are, two days later, the updated trilogy remains unavailable to PC users.

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