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Last week, we asked you to take a trip to Horizon Forbidden West and share your bold moments in Aloy’s life and the world around her via #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are the highlights from this week:

SynthOrch shares Aloy in a combat stance grappling with a car.

Sarokai shares a nightscape with Longshoulder in the distance.

Dominik_VP tells Aloy riding a Bristleback in the ruins of a desert city.

Justinphotomode shares a portrait of Aloy framed by the moon.

hoffman_vp separates a heavily armored Aloy sliding into battle.

camcorder9 shared by Aloy diving underwater.

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TOPIC: Horizon Forbidden West – Aloy
SEND: 11:59 PM PT, March 2, 2022

Next week we will focus on Aloy. Share epic portraits of the red-haired heroine as she journeys across Horizon Forbidden West via #PSshare #PSblog for a chance to be featured.

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