Hoa and unboxing among big gaming winners at Webby Awards

The Webby Awards have been around for a long time and are meant to “reward the best on the web”. Its categories are now quite broad, since almost all is on the internet, so they range from pop culture to TV and more. The games are rightfully celebrated, too, and there have been many indie winners in the lineup, including some great titles that can be found on the Switch eShop.

Notable winners were beautiful platformers Hoa and hit Unboxing, each of which received three awards. Below are all the in-game winners you can find on Switch.

  • Best Art Direction, Webby and People’s Voice winner – Hoa
  • Best Music/Sound Design, Webby Winner – Hoa
  • Best User Experience, Webby and People’s Voice winner – Unboxing
  • Family and children, Webby Winner – Unboxing
  • Public Service, Activism and Social Impact, Webby Winner – Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
  • Puzzles and quizzes, Webby Winner – twelve minutes
  • Technical Achievement Winner Webby – The Artful Escape

A number of interesting games on the list – let us know in the comments which ones you’ve played or if any of them are still on your backlog/wishlist.

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