Hit Switch Game ‘Calculator’ Developers Create Popeye Game

Image: Sony Pictures Animation

Don’t get us wrong: we love the sailor Popeye a little. What’s not to like about a maniac who has a hard time understanding, eats spinach and spends most of his time trimming a piece of his girlfriend? But we have to say – we weren’t expecting a Popeye video game anytime soon.

The last news we remember about Popeye is the announcement of Gendy Tartakovsky cartoon, which the may or may not still be in operation… so we might have Popeye’s revival? And who else can handle it besides the creators of the popular calculator: the Nintendo Switch calculator?

It’s true: We now have the officially licensed game Popeye coming to Nintendo Switch on November 4th, which means it will fight Animal Crossing: New Horizons (November 5th) for people’s attention.

In the description, this is called “a modernized adaptation of the classic arcade game,” which, as you may remember, is the reason for Donkey Kong’s existence. Based on the screenshots, it looks like it will be a free-roaming collecting game in which you have to grab hearts, letters and spinach while avoiding obstacles. The letters will come together to form a phrase, and hearts are scattered all over the place as you try to put them together in record time.

The game will be published Sabetswhose other games include Calculator, Golf, Darts and Fighting. In keeping with the minimalist titles, Popeye will be called Popeye.

Are you a Popeye fan? Did this game intrigue you? Let us know in the comments below!

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