Hideki Kamiya talks about why he’s doing Sol Cresta and what’s next with PlatinumGames

“It may seem surprising to some that PlatinumGames is working on [a classic shoot ’em up], says Hideki Kamiya in interview with the Cutscenes, a YouTube channel that makes documentaries about Japanese creatives. “[But] we didn’t build the studio for the sole purpose of creating action games. ”

Kamiya’s studio, PlatinumGames, is best known for their work on Bayonetta, a chaotic, Old Testament-inspired hack-and-slash game about a witch in a skin-tight jumpsuit made from her own hair. It’s unusual to see them working on a game like Sol Cresta, a retro vertical shooter that carries the soul of 80s arcade games Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta.

But, as Kamiya quickly points out, Platinum releases games like Sol Cresta because they to want j. “Simply put,” he says, “we are a company that wants to do fun things.” After all, he first got into gaming while playing 80s arcade games. Why shouldn’t he make them himself?

His love of retro arcade games is evident in his work, albeit in a less obvious way than Sol Cresta. “There is a 3D shooting stage in the final Devil May Cry boss fight against Mundus,” he notes, continuing to celebrate similar things in Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta and even Okami. “My hopes have seeped into some of my work,” he admits.

So, if anything, Sol Cresta is an inevitability, not an odd workaround. But what does that mean for Bayonetta 3, which fans have been patiently waiting for since its debut at The Game Awards in 2017?

It’s getting harder and harder to experience this sense of completion, the completion of the game.

“Projects are getting bigger and bigger these days,” Kamiya says of game development. “These games take three to four years, five years if you count the preliminary preparation. It’s getting harder and harder to experience this sense of completeness when the game is over. This is where I think projects like Sol Cresta can be useful. “He hopes that by working on more complex and simpler projects, his development team will be able to“ experience game design loops and gain experience in making games. ”After all, anyone can make something is finishing it’s a big deal.

“When I started to take a step back and look at a bigger picture than my own games,” Kamiya says, “it felt like a respite.” Within the Neo Classic series, Sol Cresta is just the first step. Kamiya has already begun planning the next few games – and while not all of them will be shooters, they will all be inspired by classic game designs.

In short: Bayo 3 is coming, but the team also needs a break.

Image: Cutscenes

Towards the end of the interview, Kamiya mentions that he was the director of the film “GG project“This is a completely new, completely original project that Platinum is working on as its first creative work without a contract. This is how Kamiya describes the feeling that he only worked on the intellectual property of other companies:

“As a creator, it’s hard for me not to think of my games as my own children. After all, raising them takes a lot of hard work and a lot of love. However, when they are ready, any choice about them is completely out of my hands. So, for example, how many times people tell me, “You have to make a sequel to this game” or “I would like to see it on this console,” I can’t do anything about it. “

Also on the Project GG website, Kamiya says the game is “different”: “Unlike all the games we’ve made so far, this will be 100% PlatinumGames. the game’s design and story, as well as how it is promoted – PlatinumGames is in complete control. “

It looks like PlatinumGames has a lot of work to do, but with Bayonetta 3 coming out next year and Sol Cresta … soon (after a delay from the original December 9th release date) and Project GG is “far away”, it looks like Platinum has an impressive and eventful lineup for some time now.

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