Here’s How Diamond & Pearl Remake Sales Compare To Previous Pokémon Switch And 3DS Launch In Japan

Image: Nintendo

Famitsu yesterday released their latest game tables showing Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for Nintendo Switch had a great start in Japan, distributing 1,395,642 copies in just the first three days.

This figure is based on in-store purchases only and means that these games are now officially the second largest Switch game launches in Japan. They even managed to surpass Pokemon sword and shield on release, 1,364.544 million copies sold on release in Japan.

If you’re wondering how this launch compares to another Pokémon weekend in Japan, webmaster has now shared some additional physical sales data, highlighting the launch sales of past Pokémon games on 3DS and Switch. While the latest releases have managed to outperform Let’s Go, older 3DS games are still to come.

Initial sales of the Diamond and Pearl remakes in Japan outstripped them. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (about 1,880,626 physical copies were sold in the first three days). In the UK, remakes also dominated the charts, becoming the second largest box release in the country in a year.

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