Here is the real version of the Pokémon Red And Blue bike


One of the best things about Pokémon Red and Blue is finally getting the bike. Traveling quickly around the world, you wander for hours on foot, feel liberated, and you appreciate it no less than any of your pocket monsters. What if I told you that the Pokémon Company is giving away a real version of this bike? That’s right, it can be yours … as long as you live in Japan.

As noted KotakuPokémon celebrates reaching one million Twitter followers by creating a replica of a Gen 1 bike. While it is a big deal to have a million fans, that number has a double meaning. He directly refers to the in-game price tag for the bike, which fans will probably remember was 1,000,000 Pokémon (or whatever the Pokémon currency is called). Since players’ wallets were limited to 999,999, it was literally impossible to buy and could only be obtained by exchanging the bike coupon earned earlier in the game.

Before you get too keen on recreating your Kanto adventure in real life, you won’t be able to ride this bike. You will notice that it does not have a bike chain on it and is for demonstration purposes only. The bike is also not for sale and will be given to one lucky person who follows @poke_times Twitter account and retweets ポ ケ モ ン の 100 万 円 じ て ん し ゃ which translates to “# 1 million yen Pokémon bike”. Anyone can participate, but Pokémon says the bike will only be shipped within Japan.


The drawing starts today and runs until August 3rd. If you live in Japan, or at least have an address there to send your bike to, then the odds are always in your favor. If you are like those of us outside of Japan, we will continue to jealously admire the craftsmanship and interesting attention to detail in the photographs.

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[Source: The Pokémon Company via Kotaku]

So, are there any of you living in Japan planning to take part in the prize draw? Let us know in the comments!

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