Here is the first trailer for E4 GamesMaster Reboot

The first trailer for the E4 GamesMaster reboot just aired, and it gives a good idea of ​​what to expect from the series.

Organized by Rob Florence and starring the legendary Sir Trevor MacDonald as the main game master, the series was filmed at the legendary Crossness pumping station in London and seems to fit the format of the original seasons quite closely.

Speaking to us only recently, Florence summed up the results of the new show:

I think that the focus of GamesMaster should always be on problems. I think there is already an opinion that this new show will focus on celebrities. This is not what this show is going to be, I’m not sure why this happened; it will be about people who love games and love to play them. The celebrity element is not something to worry about, it won’t be something celebrities come and promote themselves. There will be people who are addicted to games and love games, just ordinary players from the street go out and play FIFA in front of me as I shouted insults at them, and GamesMaster’s big head hovered over everything.

GamesMaster hits E4 on November 21st.

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