HeistGeist brings cyberpunk deck-building action to Switch in 2023

Developer Doublequote Studio has announced its new project: the cyberpunk game HeistGeist, due out on Switch in 2023.

His story seems fairly typical of cyberpunk narratives, involving a group of specialist thieves who join forces to break into secure corporate systems. You will plan complex heists using stealth mechanics to avoid detection. Otherwise, combat systems use cards for combat tactics, requiring players to upgrade their deck and use combo attacks to come out on top.

Here is a list of features from the game Steam page:

– Set in an original post-cyberpunk world based on real-life locations in a fictional 2040s version of Central Europe.

– Follow the story of Alex, a thief for hire, as she tries to pick up the pieces of her lost reputation after her last job went horribly wrong. Fleeing from corporate assassins and a disgruntled client, Alexandra must do whatever it takes to stay alive as she prepares for a heist of a lifetime.

– Gather a team of professionals, consisting of unusual allies with a special set of skills. Plan sophisticated heists for top-secret prototypes or classified corporate data. But be prepared for the fact that even the most well-thought-out plans can sometimes fail. Adapt to change, make the right choices, stay alive, and most importantly, do your job.

– When stealth is not an option, take on guards and automated security systems in tactical card battles. Find your own playstyle, build your deck, upgrade your cards and unleash powerful combos against your enemies.

– Hack into the most secure corporate systems in our reimagining of the cyberspace network, powered by special card-based hacking mechanics. Overcome tough obstacles, dodge deadly ICEs, and launch powerful programs and viruses to reach data vaults full of valuable data.

We will make sure to provide any additional information about the game, including its possible release date, as soon as we receive it.

Are you interested in getting HeistGeist when it comes out in 2023? Let us know with a comment!

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