Hated leader’s card Marvel Snap will become less powerful after the nerf

The image shows the leader card floating on a red background.

Image: Marvel / Second Dinner / Kotaku

Marvel SnapThe latest round of balance changes has yet to be officially released, but after a delay and a last-minute leak, information is already available. And the players began to discuss, in particular, one nerf related to the controversial Leader card. For many, the leaked details about the nerf are not enough. There has been so much talk about this change that Marvel Snap boss Ben Broad had to discuss this and the future of the map on Twitter.

Released last year Marvel Snap is a dynamic digital card game available on Steam and mobile, featuring superheroes and villains. Matches are fast paced, decks are small, and the game feels a little different every time you play, as randomized zones can completely shake up a match. We are here in Kotaku thought it one of the best games of 2022.

But even a great game has its problems. And one question Marvel Snap has been controversial lately powerful leader card which – thanks to the ability to copy all cards played by your opponent this turn – can actually flip most decks at the last moment of a match.

People have been waiting for the balance change for weeks now, and many hoped that the Leader would become less powerful. We should have received a patch with balance changes to 4 Januarybut there was a problem at the last moment. However, probably due to the last second delay of the patch details seeped through Marvel SnapKorean community team and quickly spread across the web. While the patch notes contained several different card nerfs and buffs, the Leader’s minor rebalancing – removing only one point of power from the card – was deemed insufficient by players.

In reply, Marvel Snap Boss Ben Broad discussed Leader’s nerf on Twitter, while providing more context for a small nerf and clarifying that the team has more plans for tweaking the map in the future, they’re just still trying to figure out what needs to be changed. But these changes are coming over time, and this first, small nerf is just the first step towards balancing the Leader.

Meanwhile, if you like to run Marvel Snap decks with various guardians of the galaxy characters, good news: Groot and Drax are getting small buffs to their base stats to make them more viable and less risky. Also appears, via leaked patch notesthat in the next update, artist credits will finally be added to the game. Of course, these leaked patch notes aren’t official yet, even if Broad answers one part of them, so keep that in mind. Concerning whenIn order to anticipate this delayed patch, Broad explained on Twitter that the pending should not be more than a weekso it could show up around January 10th or 11th.

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