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The season of ghosts and hunting is approaching us, October is in full swing. This is the perfect time to jump into the jungle and scare the battle group or flip tables and hunt the hunter. We’re excited to introduce our newest Predator as part of the paid October DLC – Exiled Predator. And for those Predators looking to disguise themselves for Halloween, we have three new masks coming in a free update just in time for the night of the ghosts … or the hunt.

This month’s paid add-on introduces the Exiled Predator Universe. It is unknown when and how this Predator was banished, but he was clearly able to adapt and hunt unnoticed in the far reaches of Yautji territory. Escaping the usual hunting grounds, this yautja could hunt legendary warriors in the chains of the Pacific Islands. The Exiled Predator has carefully interpreted and created armor from local raw materials out of deep respect for these warriors. Additionally, players will have access to the Hook Weapon, which is an early access weapon skin that will be available to all players by December 2021.

The free October update doesn’t disappoint and offers ways to scare and scare yourself. With this update, night maps are added to the game. Get ready for all the jumping fears! Night maps represent a new way to play a game that has already brought a lot of fun and very intense hunting experiences during our internal playtests. The battle group must now move through dark jungles and light camps to complete their missions. To improve visibility on night maps, the battle group can switch night vision as needed. The Predator can now use the Shroud of Darkness to stalk its prey, so make sure your biomask is not shot down by a fireteam. As previously mentioned, with this update, the Predator will not only have a dark to hunt, but also three new masks. The newest masks in the Predator’s closet are the Salamander, Morse and Foxtrot masks. Additionally, this update provides all players with the Cleopatra Smart Disc skin, which unlocks at level 27.

Everyone at IllFonic is excited to see the community’s hunting styles change under cover of the jungle night. Don’t miss these videos and screenshots on all social platforms, we love to see them! Until then, see you in the jungle!

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