Happy Holidays from Nintendo Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes, hello to all of you lovely people. Grab yourself a drink, get comfortable and get ready – party time! If by “party” you mean sweating profusely and regretting that you didn’t say yes to a fifth mince pie or similar boring sweetness.

2022 was the year, that’s for sure! A 365-day period filled with ups and downs, surprises and inevitability – and, thankfully, a whole bunch of great video games. Whatever consoles you use, it’s been a good year for gamers, and 2023 looks pretty rosy too. Of particular interest to us, of course, is the all-new Zelda, as well as Mario’s second foray into the world of cinema. Despite its difficult history with the environment, we are cautiously optimistic about Movie Super Mario Bros.. Crossed fingers!

However, this is all ahead. Right now, we’re sitting on the carpet looking at the Switch menu, full of holiday potential. In the past week, a lot of games have fallen out of the shadows, meaning that not only do we have our backlog, but brand new releases like the long-awaited Sports Story worth digging into. It will be a great day.

Whatever you do in the coming days, whatever you celebrate, all of us at Nintendo Life wish you and your loved ones the very best this holiday season. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, the coolest of Kwanzas, Emthe most fun of the Festivuses and an overall great time no matter which holiday you choose.

Oh and enjoy the game! Shall we start using this as the new universal seasonal greeting?

Image: Gemma Smith/Nintendo Life

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