Happy Halloween! Nintendo Releases Metroid Dread Free Demo

Image: Nintendo

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! If you haven’t picked up the phone yet Metroid dread On the Switch, Nintendo has released a free demo on the Switch eShop, allowing you to try it before you buy.

Dress up as Samus Aran this Halloween and watch what happens at night on planet ZDR with a fun bite Metroid ™ Dread the game. Download the free demo now from or Nintendo eShop on your device!

Immerse yourself in the eerie isolation of a distant alien world, face an unrelenting mechanical threat, and fight your way through what Shacknews calls “a sci-fi blast of genius that is sure to appeal to fans and newcomers alike.”

If you need more Metroid Dread in your treat bucket, you can get the full game today.

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